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Russell from ,

Travis eCtrwxnALsNDPbmukUs from New York, NY

I came here to work stromectol ivermectin “I think she’s lost right now because she’s lost her ability to be a doctor and a healer,” says Siff. “She has to turn her attention to other things and I think it’s really wreaking havoc on her and bringing up the darker parts of her nature.”

Steve fdIaFTpzLzYBVoFtc from New York, NY

Photography stromectol ivermectin Unpredictable winds forced an evacuation of the area led by 300 fire service personnel. A RFS spokesman said at least 81 homes had been destroyed in Springwood and nearby Winmalee, while only a fraction of the areas had been assessed for damage.

Pasquale dVTxVHFjYtmwqiIGA from New York, NY

International directory enquiries stromectol ivermectin “They were looking for a kind of adventure. They wanted to live on a Polynesian island but they didn’t have sufficient expertise to navigate adequately,” police prefect Jose Luis Lopez told the newspaper. Lopez took the family’s statement in San Antonio, Chile, where the Japanese ship had dropped off the family.

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King Julien from The jungle , Madagascar


Κάπης Νεοδημοκράτη from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Anamoose is blessed to not be plagued by a history of cannabalistic serial killers. Damn you, Jeffrey Dahmer!!!!!

Dev from ,

Your mother and I are very proud

Donald Trump from New York City, Florida

One of the best towns one of the best On many many sides anamoose is a winner My pushy salivate every time Im there Its tremendous

Tom Brew from Laurel , MD

May 20 6:17 PM. Jessi, I Just watched you guys on family feud You guys did a great job. And for the record I love the business name and wish you great success. And wow you sure got a lot of free advertising on the show because Steve could not understand the originality of your business name. I wonder how it did for you. Feel free to e-mail me direct. Tom PS. Congratulations on winning the game and the 20K

Kathleen Chapman from Minot, ND

Lovely Catholic rectory

Kenneth Medd from Penang, Malaysia

62 graduate. Father of a 9 year old in Thailand . waiting for the border to open.

Jack Coddle from Rapid City, South Dakota

My family and I toured the lovely taxadermy shop/ funeral home. Finished it off with some lovely cold cuts from the Hitlerino Family Deli. The pastrami was my favorite though I found the cottage cheese and banana bread melt to be lovely. Would visit this lovely town again, quite a lovely time

Craig Krogan from Regina, SK

Great adventure!! Our favorite ride was the tank!!!!!

O.Z. Bauer from Woolerton, Manitoba


DAVE SAUTER from Roseburg , OR 97471, Oregon

a lot of my family grew up in that area, from my dad to my cousins and moms family ,,, I hope to get back there soon to visit, hoping to stay at my moms cousins place, Sagehills B&B

David Holte from MANDAN, ND

Hello Anamoose I was going thru boxes of old belongings the other day and found a Centenial Anamoose Cookbook (Blue) Printed 1997. It is like new and I have no use for it. I would like to give anyone that is interested or lives in Anamoose etc. I can mail it or deliver when anyone is in Bismarck Mandan where I now reside I would like to see it go to a good home. Let me know if interested and send me a email. I was born and raised in Voltaire ND Thanks Dave

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