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justin Lloyd from Surrey , Nd

I’m curious how far in advance do we need to reserve a camp ground for the weekend of the 17th.

Kevin Rozas II from North Gate Dam, North Dakota

Sir/Ma’am, I would like to reserve some camping spots for 16 July - 18 July. Please feel free to email or call me at 3375012850. Thank you very much.

Kevin Rozas from ,

Sir/Ma’am, I am Contacting you in regards of camping at Northgate Dam. If you can give me a call at 337-501-2850

Patti Hedges from Antelope, MT

I would like to bring my get granddaughter to Northgate down for camping and fishing over the weekend. Can I reserve a spot? That would have electricity? I would pay from the date of reservation if there’s something open. It would be this weekend but every day is June 1 today thank you grandma what

Jim Lafferty from Irvington, New Jersey

To whom it may concern, I am curious can you have your own water well in Flaxton or do you have to get it from the town? Thank You Jim Lafferty 5-20-21

Don Negaard from Minot, ND

When did passenger rail service end in Flaxton?

Lois Jobmann from Yuma, Arizona

I had a Great Uncle living there in the late 1800’s early 1900’s John Smith was his name. Think someone told me he worked at the grainery. Went through Flaxton quite few years go trying to find his grave. We did find it, also his wife Lillian and child named johnny I think. He was my Dad’s uncle. Was a very interesting little town.

John Killion from Westbrook, Connecticut

I am the grandson of Wilfred Burgett. My mother was the second of 5 children born to Wilfred and Edna Stoffel Burgett. I have numerous pictures of Flaxton beginning in 1911 and stories from the 5 children. I was going to take a trip back to Flaxton this past August with my wife and another couple but obviously that did not happen. We used to take a trip to visit Flaxton and my grandmother, who was post mistress of Flaxton for 30 some odd years, every four years so there are many photos. I would be happy to share the photos and stories. Let me know what would be the easiest way to do so. Thank you

Sarah Garrett from , MN

I have an old confirmation photo, likely early 1900s that was in a frame I repurposed. Would anyone be interested in it. It was taken by a woman photographer Louise fossum, from my research she was one of the first professional women photographers. Great history in the photo I am sure. I would be willing to mail out to someone. Don’t want to throw away. Take care, Sarah

bubba from bowbells,

Susan fredericksen: What were names that you are looking for and how can I get ahold of you. Bubba

Susan Fredericksen from Clovis, CA

Hello! My father was born at his family home near Flaxton in 1926 (deceased in CA in 1995). My great-grandparents lived on a claim nearby until 1911, when they moved to Solvang, CA with their youngest 3 daughters. Is there a historian locally or nearby that I could reach out to? I’d like to plan a trip to view both claims and hopefully view records from the Ebenezer Lutheran Church. Thank you!

Duane Carlson from Tuscaloosa , Alabama

Hello, Regner & Edith Hansen are my uncle & aunt. Edith was my father sister. My father Arthur. If my father would geven me the deed to the house it been kept up and taxes paid. I’m not sure who has now. One of Viola Nelson greedy kids. I don’t have Regner dated of birth or death. Move to much and lost. I’d be up there now if the house was mine. Accord to the local hwy patrol officer I own that house as much the rest. But without in my name. I guess not. I think Marilyn Potter has the deed. But she won’t have nothing to do with me and she lives in Fargo, ND at this time. Thank You, Duane

Darlene Huttner) Wagner from Crescent City, California

I was looking for realities of the Huttner family. My dads name was Herbert Rudolph Huttner. Thank you.

Diane Raley from Gillette , Wyoming

I need a copy of my enrollment in Flaxton elementary school year 1965 or 1966. My maiden name was Diane Elaine Herdt. Father Howard J.Herdt mother Irene Herdt. Thank You

Henry Stevens from Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Nice town. Visited the home of my late brother in law John H. Gee.

Chelsea Harrison from ,

Hey! I’d like to talk to someone about being added as available housing Thanks so much!

Adolfo Delacruz from Caldwell, Idaho

Cool little town

Steven Solomon from Los Angeles, CA

We have a Flaxton St. in Culver City, CA. I wonder if it was named for Flaxton, ND or for someone from Flaxton.

Duane Carlson from Lubbock, Texas

I’ve spent years in Flaxton during “60’s” & “70’s” for Christmas or Thank Giving. I putting old pictures on Facebook and can’t remember how to spell R Hansen married to Edith Hansen ( Carlson ). Usually at though Viola Nelson (Carlson). The picture is at the old gas station facing south. 18.7 and 19.7 gallon. The sign was square and wrote exactly like this; 18.7 WAR 19.7 Do not post this message public.

Janet Cron from Flaxton, ND

I just tried to look at the ordinances and they are not available ? What time is the reorganizational meeting for the council on the 26th of June?

Patricia Raustler from Kingston , TN

I have come to visit Flaxton to see my daughter and her family, Christina and Jonah Stout & boys. I love the beautiful sky. I look forward to many more visits and meeting the people of Flaxton. My daughter has told me how sweet everyone in town is that they have met. She recently told me in the summer one of the neighbors brought her a box of vegetables that were given to her from one of the neighbors. It makes my heart sing knowing that their are such lovely people in Flaxton.

Carol Hansen Morlock from Spokane, Wa

My parents, Yvonne (Halverson) Hansen and Harry Hansen were raised and lived in Flaxton from 1914 - 1942. Happy to see the website!

Steven Pedersen from Minot, ND North Dakota

Greetings: I had the opportunity to visit Tuffys new bar on Monday and what a nice place. It rivals any bar that I have ever viewed in NW ND. I wish them success as it gives people in the area a nice place to meet and socialize. I also suggested that they find a way to work with the city to get the city rv park back in operation which would help them and the community. I have been made aware of the fact that we are getting a good response on the reunion. I think everyone will have a good at the fair as the fair board is working hard at making it a memorable event. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you at the reunion. Steven Pedersen

Connie Huff (Kallberg) from Sand Springs, OK

I enjoyed the site, good to read the town is growing again. I grew up on a farm west of town and graduated there in 1975.

Jeannie Kalmbach from Flaxton, North Dakota

Still time to have your name on a name tag on our School Monument. A $100.00 donation to the Flaxton Community Club will get your name on a tag. All excess funds go towards upkeep to the Memorial Hall.

Randy Degele (Paulson) from Billings, Mt

My dad was John Paulson, one time city cop of Flaxton.I just turned 50 this week, and was reminded of the great childhood ,I had in ND. I wish my 2 kids , could know the safe and wonder full times I had as a kid. GOD BLESS, AND GO RAIDERS

Laura Brean from Lakewood, CA

My dad was talking this evening about Flaxton. His name is Larry Ramsbacker and he was born there in 1925 to Wesley and Vivian (Berg) Ramsbacker. They left there in 1931 due to his mothers illness. He enjoyed seeing the pictures on your website.

Irene Taylor from Port Washington, Wisconsin

My cousins brought me to lovely Flaxton (July 21, 2013)to visit with 3rd cousins, Connie and Marsha. We toured the restoration-in-progress of your depot and the nearby cemetery. Very neat place & people!

Randy Nelson from Flaxton, North Dakpta

Hi Flaxton, Happy New Year Everyone!

Ingemar Lindhe from , Sweden

My relatives John and Hulda Noren lived in Flaxton in 1930-50. Noren was a farmer with 3 children, Chester, Alma and Hilding. I like wery much to get in contact with any of their children

Cristie Goepferd from Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Hello Flaxton! My family lived here when I was younger, and I thought I would let my husband take a look. Hope all is well!

Janet Cron from Flaxton, ND

Santa Claus is coming to town. We will have Santa night on December 1 starting with a potluck dinner at 6 pm sharp. Then Santa has promised to appear and says he is coming in on a horse drawn sleigh. That sleigh will be available for all to enjoy a brisk ride in the countryside. Come with your Christmas spirit and enjoy the beginning of the Yuletide fun. Merry Christmas

Steven Pedersen from Minot, ND

Flaxton is once again growing (over 100 people)and it looks like it might once again have a promising future. Changes are taking place with the demolition of the school and other buildings to follow. It is sad to see some of these things happening but at the same time it bodes well for the future of Flaxton. I personally would like to see the mall once again occupied. A community if it is to grow needs services even if it starts with a place to get a soda or a cup of coffee. I also believe with the many new people in the area, that you must look to find ways to make Flaxton a showplace for hospitality. Relating to that hospitality it can also be nurtured by helping the Burke County Fair become an event that people want to attend. The fairgrounds could become an activity center and a draw to the region like it once was with car races and horse races all through the summer. Lets promote "Meet me at Burke County Fair in 2013" If you would want to help with the fair and its success contact county agent Dan Folske in Bowbells at the court house. Lets also promote Flaxton as the place to live and raise your family where everyone knows their neighbor and is willing to look out for them. Have a Great Day! Steven Pedersen

Bailey Snabb from Litchfield, MN

I loved being in that town for 2 1/2 weeks i miss all the people that where at flaxton when i was there i miss being there it was the funnest time i had

Bill & Judy Jollymore from Dawson Settlement, New Brunswick

As we crossed the USA heading to Alaska, we were enjoying small town campgrounds along the way. We pulled in off the highway at Flaxton. We were intrigued with the history and what is currently happening to revitalize the area. Thank you, we were welcomed by others in the campground. If we pass through your area again, we will surely stop to see the progress!

Travis Lisk from Concord, North Carolina

Hi! I was looking on google earth and saw your little town....I just wanted to say Hi! I wish I lived in a little town like Flaxton!! Best Wishes!!

Gerry Allen from Green, Ohio

I was checking for campgrounds to stay at on our way to Montana in July. I love small town camping. Hope to see the town in July.

Linda Leiker from Great Bend, KS

Russell M. Gee from Lewiston, Idaho

My great grandfather is John Sheldon Gee born 7-03-1859. He is mentioned on this site in the history section and you can see that info if you click on history/stories at the top of the page of the history section. He and his wife Mary Ellen (Marron) Gee lived in Flaxton. They had nine children: Maude, Viola, Vernon, Roland, Etta, Harold, Vera, Lyle, and an infant who died at just over one month of age in 1905. Lyle Melvin Gee is my grandfather b. 11-21-1900 in Flaxton, d. 4-16-1985 in Spokane, WA. Bill Gee (previous post) is my brother. Thanks for having this site!

William (Bill) Gee from Newport, Washington

Just making a correction to my previous log. My grandfather, Lyle M. Gee was born in Flaxton November 21,1900.

William (Bill) Gee from Newport, Washington

My great-grandfather, John Gee, was one of the original settlers in Flaxton (circa 1899-1900). My grandfather, Lyle M. Gee, was born there in January of 1900. He always claimed that he was the first child born in Flaxton. This was an interesting site to look through. Thank-you for maintaining it.

Pamela Orth from Minot, ND

Currently I am the secretary of the Souris Valley Danish Society. I am doing a little story on Etlar and Elaine Jacobsen for the SHA Newsletter. Sincerely, Pam

Patricia Meyers from Willoughby, OH

Hello, Will be coming to your town next summer. My Grandfather was born in Flaxton, ND and was name for your town. He passed away about 10 years ago, but my mother wants to come and see your little town in Memory of Harold Flaxton Warren. See you in 2012! Patty

Susan Larsen from Houston, Texas

I have always loved Flaxton, some of my best memories are of coming to spend summers with my Dad (Dwain Larsen), my grandparents, and most of all my Uncle Merwyn. Thank you for this website, it brings back so many memories and too recognize names gives a feeling of continuity. My brother came by today and brought an ashtry from "The Hole" he found it in a box. The Hole was the bar in the hotel. God Bless All Susan and Roger Larsen (brother)

Dee Jefferson Shumake from Williston, ND

Hello Flaxton!! Hope to pay a visit to the area this summer. So many memories there. :o)

elizabeth peterson-sandvick from malta, mt.

just to say hi to my aunt and cousin johnny smith ...live to hear from u ..if there are any homes there please let me know...elizabeth peterson sandvick

Julie Woodworth from Homer, Alaska

Love Flaxton!! Thanks for the site! It was great reading the history!

Ron Hansen from Albert Lea , Minnesota

I am looking for information on a small vase I have it has the name Flaxton N D. on it; I left information in the contact us area of this website. looking forward to hearing a reply. Ron Hansen

Dedi Hanson from San Jose , CA

Very nice website and we are hoping to visit Flaxton this year.

Larry Tveit from Ephrata, WA

Graduated 1966 in Flaxton, looking for the original slushburger recipe from school, it was my favorite cafeteria day!

Shirlee (Anderson) Lee from Vancouver, WA

Looking for anyone who might know where Kenny Benshoof is and how he is doing? He was a friend of mine when he lived in Crosby, North Dakota.

Tim & Cheri slater from avon lake, OH

Great website. We grew up in Columbus and used to compete against Flaxton in various sports. It would be fun to hear any memories.

indy castellanos from gf, nd

just wanted to say hi to all the sistas go titans

Michael WIlliams from Huntsville, Alabama

Glad to see that you have a site up. My Grandmother was born in Flaxton in 1915. Ana Katheryn Tut daughter of George Tut

Gary Morrill from Berwick, Maine

saying hi. Just checking out places of interest for my next adventure.

Andrew Hunter from Las Vegas, Nevada


Chris Garrett from North Pole, Alaska

I visited this site to see what the area is like. I have a friend that lives there now. Just wanted to see what Flaxton had to offer. Am thinking of visiting later this year. Thank you for the information.

Victor Strandskov from San Gabriel, CA

My dad, Herman Strandskov, was born in Flaxton in 1905. He, his brothers and sisters and parents, Mads and Laura, moved to a homestead near Dagmar, Montana in 1910. I enjoyed the pictures and history.

Kay Littrell from Tioga, ND

I am writing a piece about Flaxton in the Jan 1,2010 issue of The Harvester. Thanks for the website, that is where my information came from.

Marcia oLNEY from fLAXTON,

Hello all. this is Dec. 12,2009. Just checking out the website guestbook. It has been out of order for sometime. I am in AZ for the winter. Staying near Arivaca, south of Tucson. you can email me.

Tim Kastenbauer from Littleton, CO

I look forward to visiting Flaxton this year for duck hunting and time away!

Carol Schiele from Flaxton, North Dakota

I live near Flaxton and love comeing there to see my best friends and go skateboarding there. Not much of a place to skateboard, but we make the best of what we have. :)

A.G. Austin from Carstairs, Alberta Canada

Hello, on the way north up to Alberta after a wonderful trip through your great country, curiousity caused us to divert into Flaxton. What a lovely little town! I was overwhelmed with a desire to know the history of Flaxton and am grateful for what you have posted here on the website. The historical buildings are something else. Hope you have a good summer and all goes fine with the oil well. A good restaurant with highway signage would become a real draw for travelers!

Craig Porter from Shady Side, Maryland

My late mother June D. Hostbjor Lived with her family in Flaxton at a farm nearby until the farm was sold I believe sometime around 1950.Smart man my grandfather Oly,who retained the mineral rights which we still own today. My younger brother Lee and I were planning a trip to Flaxton this year however due to his sudden passing in april, the trip will have to be recheduled. Nice site, I remember watching the trains go by from the poch roof of the pool hall.

Lucille Agrelo from New Bedford, MA

I was known as Sis Peterson when I was growing up in Flaxton. I just realized that I never changed my e nmail dadress. Lucille

Loren Dunham from Fairmont, Minnesota

Small world! On a trip to Yankee Stadium in New York City in July I met a young man who works in the oil business in the Flaxton area. As we walked thru JFK airport, we wondered if anyone else was discussing Flaxton in New York City that night! I learned to play and love baseball in Flaxon in the 50s. Mickey Mantle was my hero, and I finally got to see where he played!

Michael Keenan from San Francisco, CA

I am Chuck & Betty Keenan's oldest son and we lived there for about 10 years in the '50s. Good memories. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the time it took to set up this site and thank who ever is responsible for their efforts. Altho I am so far removed from Flaxton I know no one there, it was great to see the history and be reminded of my childhood. I think my parents know some of the people in the guest book section.

Chuck and Betty Keenan from Sauk Centre, Minnesota

I am Chuck and Betty's son-in-law and am signing this for them as they no longer have e-mail and internet. Chuck and Betty owned and operated the Flaxton Hotel from about 1950 to 1960 and Chuck was a music and math teacher in Flaxton as well. Please send any greetings to them via this e-mail. Thank you Steve ( Barb Keenan's husband) Avery.

james ellis from rogers, arkansas

glad to see a lot off people i know from my past god bless

Kinnoin Dean from Mandan, ND

My dad (Carl Kinnoin) was a teacher in Flaxton in the mid and late 60's. I was born in Minot when we lived there and moved shortly after. I know my dad has some fun stories to tell when we were there and some good memories.

susanna teich from treviglio, Italy

My best greetings to Dorothy and Melvin (friends of my host family in Bowbells). I've been exchange student in Bowbells from August 1995 to June 1996. I always keep the memories of us playing DOMINO together!Thanks for your kindness! Susanna

Dolores Hermanson Holzinger from Mosier, Oregon

I would like to thank everyone who had a part in the all school reunion July 13-15 for the wonderful time and all the hours of work they put forth to make the weekend a success. A lot of work fell on a few people. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks from Dolores Hermanson Holzinger Mosier, OR

sara keyes from Williston, north dakota

My mother is Ann Ehlke and she grew up in Flaxton and graduated in I think in 1978. My Granparents are LaVerne and Mabel Ehlke, so if you have any information about them please contact me.

Eric Bounting from Moline, IL

Wow, im still young but I can definately remember being in Flaxton with my Grandma, Theresa (Bachmeier) Jones. I remember laying on the porch just looking at the stars, and the wonderful food she made. Well, Flaxton was and is still a memorie holder. Take Care

Mike Jefferson from Bristol, Indiana

Lot of good times spent here in Flaxton. I like the pictures on here, wish there was more of them. Brings back lots of good memories.

Kobra Jet from McClusky/Minot, ND

Hey, this is Robin from Kobra Jet, and we are playing on Saturday the 14th. We are looking forward to a great time, and hope to have a good crowd! See you there, good luck with the whole weekend.

mike dilger from yakima, washington

hello, looking forward to moving to your town here in a month or two. I'm growing tired of living in a big town and can't wait to get back to hunting and fishing once again. see you soon and take care.. mike dilger

Eddie Davis from Seattle, WA

You have a beautiful sky above you. Both Sunrise and Sunset pictures truly wonderful to see. I grew up in Texas and sometimes miss the Big Sky.

Russ Chase from Hayriver, NT

Hi just wondering if history book has any information on the Ingerson family.

angela larsen from sandston, va

my grandpa larsen use to own the mobile gas station in flaxton

betty hogan from roanoke, va

I left a message in the contact us sction sveral weeks ago w/ no response. I may be interest in relocating there but desire more information. Can we start a dialog? Please respond. Thanks.

Kaori Komiya from Zma, Kanagawa,Japan

I was so surprised and impressed to find this site. Happiest moment to see the building of the Flaxton Highschool, and remembered the past life there. I was an exchange student from Japan from 1983-1984. Does anybody remember me?

Tim Holtz from Ione, Oregon

My grandparents were from the Flaxton area. Clarence Holtz and Laura Wolkenhauer. My dad and I are planning a trip to were he was born near the border north of Flaxton. He was born there in 1929.

Jim Rudlang from West Fargo, ND

Wonderful website, typical of North Dakota. Olga Myron (Koster) raised her family in Flaxton. Olga was married to Helmer Myron whom passed away in 1945. I can identify the house they resided in from the photos on the web page. Great community.

Karen Farley (Andrews) from San Marcos, CA

Hi I have always been curious about Flaxton. My Grandparents were married there and had their first 3 children there also. They got married in 1912. They were both from Big Stone County in Minnesota. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard the name Andrews and a little bit about what they did there etc. Be glad to hear any information. Thanks in Advance

Courtney Halverson from Kenmare, ND

I loved living in Flaxton. Its a great little town where yes theres not alot of people and alot of stuff to do but me and my brothers and friends always found somethuing to do. Wether it was goin out to Northgate dam for a quick swim and sit around the campfire and tell tons of stories or maybe we would go cause some touble arounf town;)...u know how us teenagers are haha. Its a great town to live in and take it from a person who grew up there and still loves to go up and visit old friends and family. HOPE TO SEE U ALL REAL SOON!!!!! BYE FOR NOW

Chad Nelson from Nashville, TN

Hello Flaxton!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello to all the residents of the Flaxton area. My wife Nadine and I have only been living in Nashville for 2 months (I'm pursuing a career as a guitarist), and we're already talking about possibly making our permanent home in or around Flaxton in the near future. I've lived in other states over the past few years, and I've got to tell you that the character of Flaxton, it's wonderful people, and just North Dakota in general, is un-matched. I couldn't have asked for a better place to be brought up, and it's the only place I'll ever call "home". God bless you all, and take care!

Dave Shipman from Mandan, ND

It has been several years since I've been to Flaxton. I moved to the big city of Bowbells when I was 10. As I read through the guestbook, I recognized several names and people that I do know. I may make it back to Bowbells for their reunion this July. Maybe I'll see some of you there.

Terry Mc Nulty from Egg Harbor twp, New Jersey

I love northwest North Dakota. I will be coming to Flaxton in May and again in Oct. I start looking forward to my return to NW ND the day after I get home to New Jersey. The People are just genuine. Look forward to seeing all of you, and you folks in Powers Lake too.

roxanne nelson from Minot, North Dakota

you should put pictures from on top of the overpass it would be sweet

Sonja Richter from Seattle, Washington

Hi all in Flaxton! Please check the guestbook and get rid of the really uncool message from some nut! Now, hope all is well! I was in Flaxton last summer to visit my daughter, hope she moves back, I like Flaxton! Nice web site but more photos would be great! Bye for now and shame on people leaving not so nice messages on the guest book!

LeRoy Martinson from Williston, North Dakota

hello all people from flaxton I often wonder what life would have bean like if we would stayed in flaxton moved away in 1974 or 75 some time in ther moved to westhope for a bit from ther moved to tioga and thats wher dad and mom still live well got to go to all have a nice day if any body would like to contact me i would love to have some contact p.s. if any body has any old school pitures from like 1967 i think that when i was in first grade or from like late 1940s early 50s i think thats when mom was in school she was a dahl or any of her sisters or brothers bye

Susan Olson from Flaxton, N.D.

Wanted homes to sell or land or farmsteads! I am local realtor and have lots of inquiries from out of state looking for property in our area. Please contact me if you have something you would be interested in selling.

Shawn Kalmbach from FLAXTON, ND

I love this town more than anything in the world. I once romped through the fields with my dog abby as a young lad but now days I just come back to visit. I can not ask for a better town to grow up in. Peace out to all my homeboys still livin there. I love you man. God bless me and all his children!!! :)

Dee Jefferson Shumake from Williston, ND

There is a lot to be said for growing up in a small town! I have many fond memories of living the "simple life" in Flaxton with great friends. It's only boring if you let it be. God bless you all! "Class of '69"!

Laurel Wolkenhauer from Flaxton, ND

Attention-In August an Alumni meeting was held. With only 6 former graduates in attendence. We talked about the possibility of a reunion. We are in need of new officers. Some brainstorming was done-a much simpler reunion-maybe not have a banquet. Use food venders. We need you input and help. If there isn't more interest, we will just drop the idea of a reunion. If you are interested in a reunion please contact Bernice Larson @ 701-596-3820. The next Flaxton Alumni meeting will be Wednesday evening, October 17, 2005.

D Sanderson from Minot, ND

Wonderful site here. We are a growing family looking for a fixer-uper home/farm (farm would be a definate bonus!)in your community to move to. We are looking for the lowest price available (that is still liveable). If someone knows of anything available, please feel free to email us. Thanks!

Sonja Richter from Seattle, WA

Hello Flaxton! My daughter Maya and grandson Daniel have been in Flaxton since May and I can't wait to come and visit in Aug! I wish the site had more pictures of the town so I could see where my daughter now lives and get a picture of her new community. I'll just have to come and see myself! Bye for now and thanks for having this nice website!

Mari Jo (Ragle) Blend from Hettinger, ND

I also want to thank everyone that keeps the memories alive and would like see us have another reunion. Was in Flaxton about 3 weeks ago and if you have not been there to see the progress from underpass to overpass you shouldn't miss it. Mom tried to explain what it looked like but until I actually saw it I couldn't imagine it. Class of 76 interested in a thirty year reunion next year???? send me an e-mail.

Annette Carter Ragle from Minot, ND

Just wanted to say a big THANKS to the guys and gals that cleaned the Raider Room. If I would have lived closer I would have been there to help you out. Thanks again for keeping the memories alive. Everyone that is interested in another reunion be sure to contact the website.

Jay Windsor from Ojai, CA

My mama's sister's daughter, the beautiful Maya, just moved to Flaxton. Please welcome her and look after her as best you can, Good People? THANKS. -Jay (Ojai, California)

Kenneth Berg from Galena, Md

Im Looking at Homes in NW N.Dakota, and there are some great buys especially on my income when I retire. I think I could afford to live there comfortably. Hope to be apart of the community in about 6 years.

Rich McGillis from St John, N D

Hello neighbors

amber from , North Dakota

flaxton is a borein town but there is always something to do some of my family live there i get to miss them but i call them . ALOT!!! well there you have it i use too live there to dude it was wonderful

Maxine Schmidt from Fargo, ND

This Flaxton website is great. I'm impressed. I can't believe it's been over 30 years since I graduated from high school.

Connie (Kallberg) Huff from Sand Springs, OK

Really great website. Brings back alot of memories. 1975 Grad.

Danielle (Ericson) Schuetzle from Fergus Falls, MN

Nice to see pictures of the town I grew up in!!!!

Gary Morill from Berwick, Maine

Hi... Flaxton . Seems like a nice town.

Jim Lafferty from Irvington, New Jersey

Your community looks very nice and I whish I lived there. It beats the heck out of New Jersey

Jennipher Payne from Portland, OR

soon to be moving to Kenmare and was looking into the surrounding areas aswell! site is wonderful! Look farward to meeting you all!

Andy Conway from East Wakefield, NH

You have a very nice little town.

vikki flaxton from greenhithe, kent

doing a geneology search on flaxton.just leaving a calling card,photos look inviting.sure the weather is better than hear in england!

Tim Schmelz from International Falls, Minnesota

It might be a small town, but it is filled with big hearts. It's the people that always make your visit to your roots enjoyable. Anybody who has ever lived or visited will never forget the hospitality these small towns in North Dakota generate.

Wayne Christensen from Flaxton, ND



Susan Olson from Flaxton, ND

Hi-local realtor here can help you with looking for property to buy or to sell. Currently have 2 properties in Flaxton. If interested, send your e-mail address and I will forward info to you. Weather beautiful here this fall-making up for no summer. Sue Olson, Coldwell Banker

judy soiseth-emmel from kenmare, n.dak

Annie Triplett from Seattle, Washington

Hope I can visit soon and meet all of you. Love and kisses, Annie

Wade Triplett from Tacoma, WA

Great web-page..... Stumbled upon it, and really enjoyed touring your small community. Would like to someday visit when in the area gain.

al smith from anchorage, alaska

nice town! i'm thinking about buying property in Flaxton.

Cheryle ( nee Holmes ) Bass from Squamish, British Columbia

Thank you for the informative Flaxton Web site. My great grandparents Eugene and Lottie ? Murdick had a farm near Flaxton, where they lived (1900 census ). My understanding is that was the home of my grandmother Sarah Mabel Holmes ( nee Murdick ). According to BLM records the land Eugene bought was Twp 163N, Range 091W, and portion of section 12. I did see Eugenes name mentioned in the history of Flaxton. Any further information would be appreciated.

Mildred Niehoff from Eatonville, Washington

I am trying to locate a Betty Day. I called and her telephone had be disconnected. Would anybody know what has happened? Thanking You in Advance. Mildred Niehoff

Naomi Stanek from Rochester, Minnesota, 55901

My dad, Rev. G. Hinz, was pastor at St.Paul's Lutheran church from 1941-1947. My pre-school years in Flaxton were fun and very memorable. I visited there five years ago and was amazed to find the parsonage gone, but was able to see the inside of the church which was just as I remembered it, especially the organ that my mom played. I found your web site by accident, but am very happy I did! Hopefully, you will continue it.


ADDRESS 2730 El Caminito St La Crescenta, California 91214

Diane (Hoel) Janisko from Marysville, Washington

I grew up in Portal and graduated in 1962. I now reside in Marysville, WA. My dad, Winfred Hoel, was an Immigration Inspector there for many years. He passed away in December of 2002 and my mother, Ruth Hoel, passed away in December of 2003. My sisters, Donna Toso and Karen Halpin both live in Marysville, WA and my brother, Terry, is an airline pilot living in Durango, CO. If you are interested in corresponding, feel free to email me. Diane Janisko

Annette Carter Ragle Ragle from Minot, ND from ,

We have moved to Minot, because of health reasons would like to hear from our friends. Shirley we only have a wind chill here of 30 below to day.

Anne-Gro Johnsen from Notodden, Telemark, Norway

Happy new year to all of you from Telemark, Norway Anne-Gro

Geneva (Kostad) Nelson from Mattawa, Washington

I enjoy reading all the comments in the guest book. We changed our e-mail address, so decided to put in the new one. And would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Shirley Bird from Lakeside, OR

Happy New Year from the Oregon Coast! Miss ND but not during the winter snowstorms. :-) It stays pretty temperate here.

Stanley & Margaret Johnson from Lebanon, OR

Uncle of Janet Crown, born in Plentywood, Mt moved to Lebanon, OR and wintering in Apache Junction, AZ and good friends of Etlar & Elaine Jacobson of Flaxton.

Anne-Gro Johnsen from Notodden, NORWAY

Hello... I need help for my familysearch. My great-grandmother's sister went to USA in last 1800. she and two children went for a visit back to Norway in 1902/1903 - they came back to USA in January 1903. Her name was Andrea Andersen, her son Anders (b. 1892) and doughter Gunhild (b. 1883) The manifest says they went to another sister (doughter of Andrea) in Flaxton, ND. I gues that is this Flaxton??!:) This doughter's name are something like Hanna, Hanne ... She is married to a man named BOESEN. The proboblay have a doughter called Myrtle??? I don't know if they lived there for a long or short period of time, but I would love to get any informatin att all... thanks on advance Yours Anne-Gro

Dell Abelein from Shelton, WA 98584-9120

I visited Flaxton on July 2 and enjoyed seeing the town where I lived for a brief time 56-57 years ago. The people in the coffee shop were very friendly. I also took many pictures of places where I lived, went to school, etc. I hope that you decide to keep the website. It is a good one.

Leah Foreman from Osoyoos, British Columbia

I was amazed to find a website for Flaxton. My Grandfather was John Dolphin and his Grand Father was John Edward Dolphin. I recently found a newspaper clipping stating that he was the founder of your town. I hope to visit next year.

Austin Nyreen from Rainier, WA

I was born in Portal in 1930. My Mother was Gladys Woods and Dad was Morris Nyreen. In the 1930's we moved to Dooly Montana. Then to Flaxton where my Dad was section forman on the Soo Line. In the early 40's moved to Spokane Wa. I missed the centenial but was there in 89. Enjoyed reading all the comments. Great web-site.

Kevin Baker from Nixa, Missouri

Greetings, I can't say I grew up in Flaxton. However do have some fond memories. We moved to Flaxton in July of '96 we lived across the road from the best neighbors in the whole world Alfred and Louise Wolkenhauer. They helped make our experience in North Dakota the best. I worked in Portal at Ammex. We have since moved back to Missouri and would love to hear from anyone who might remember us. May God Bless All The Baker's Kevin, Shana, Andrew

Kathleen Schwitalla from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Trying to locate a Bob and Alice Ganskop! Long time friends and Army buddies. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thank-you

Delbert Wright from Antler, nd

Was happy to visit your site. Hope you can stay on. We have our Antler web site on here too. Please visit it. My friend Barney Cron is from your town. Hello Barney. Delbert

John Worf from Erie, PA

Hi nice website. My father was born here in 1915 and his father Charles Worf was the high school superintendent from 1913-1917.

Scott Piercy from Gig Harbor, WA

I would like to thank all the current and past residents of Flaxton that responded to my guestbook entry. All of you have been very helpful in tracing my Piercy and Nelson ancestors in the Flaxton area. My computer suffered a failure and I've lost all the e-mail addresses, so I figured that I would offer you all a thank you here. Hope to visit Flaxton soon.

Glen Dever from San Marcos, CA

Great site. Seeing the photos brings back so many great memories.

Sharon Nelson from New Braunfels, TX

Annette Carter Ragle from Bowbells, N.D.

Thanks again to everone who returned to Flaxton and made this a great weekend, Fun to see all my friends and also Mari Jo, Michael and Jan's. Hope the younger generation will repeat this someday, lot of work but well worth it.

Josh Astrup from Fargo, ND

This is an interesting site. I will likely visit the Flaxton area to check out the fishing on Northgate dam sometime.

Scott Piercy from Gig Harbor, Washington

A very interesting web site. I've been trying to trace my family history for the last couple of months and much of it is tied to Flaxton. Does anyone know if they have a newspaper that might have obituary records from the early 1960's. I guess I'll have to journey out there for a visit one of these days.

Jim Nelson from Ramona, Ca

Bruce Borst from Santa Clarita, California

My Dad was born in Flaxton in 1910 and his named was Harry Borst. Recently he passed away in 1999. My grandfather's name was James, and was a flax and barely farmer and owned a farm in Flaxton. He oftened said that there was oil on the land but was oftened laughed at by family and friends. I sent an e-mail to the Kenmare e-mail address and many people have responded telling, yes , there is oil in Flaxton. Both of grandparents are buried in the cementary between Bowbells and Kenmare. I have been told that there is a valley named after my grandmother, Anne or Anna valley. The last time that I was in North Dakota was 1966. My grandparents were living in the Bapist home. I can't clearly remember but it was either in Kenmare or Bowbells. Does anyone know where the Borst farm was located or how do you go about searching it's exact location? I would like to take my family on a trip to the area to see there grandfather's birthplace. Thanks, Bruce Borst

Leon Huff from Point Mugu, CA

What a welcome website! My grandmother, Dorothy, lived in Flaxton most of her life. She passed away a few years back, but up to that point, I visited Flaxton often. Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for putting this site up. For a Navy guy far from home (I grew up in Williston), it was a sight for sore eyes. Thanks again!

Lucille aka Sis Agrelo from New Bedford, MA

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who worked on making the 100 year celebration such a success. We had a great time and I got to see lots of old friends from way back when I was growing up. I will cherish those memories. Lucille

Loren Dunham from Fairmont, MN 56031

I just finished reading PEACE LIKE A RIVER, by Leif Enger, son of Don Enger who was band director at FHS in the early 1950s. It's set in Minnesota and North Dakota: a great story and powerful images of the No. Dak. landscape! Read it ... you'll like it! (And it's in paperback now, too...)

Jan Niess from Minot, ND

Thanks for the wonderful weekend! For those of you that seen me fall in the park on Friday evening, I am doing okay, no broken bones! Thanks for the committee that put it all together, it was a lot of work, but it turned out great! It was nice to see all my classmates (all three of you). One thing that saddens me is that the cancellation stamp I designed was not used. I felt honored that I was asked to design it. I looked forward to seeing how it turned out, and when I got a postcard - it wasn't my design at all! Congrats to my sister Jo for doing so well on that young horse and for letting Shayna work with Cowboy, she was so proud! Again, thanks and congratulations on such a wonderful event! - You Must Be Mike's Sister!

Lori (Kalmbach) Wishart from Crosby, ND


Janet Cron from ,

The Centennial Committee is winding down and it is a must to tell all of you that "came home" we are so happy that you were here for the celebration. We are discussing making a float that would be easily entered into neighboring towns' celebrations. We are gathering items for a time capsule, and hoping to preserve the website. Suggestions are not only welcome but needed for all three projects. Thanks again for coming.. Janet Cron, Secretary

Julie Rajpolt from Colorado Springs, CO

My great grandfather, Hugh Donahue, moved from Fargo to Flaxton in 1900. He was President of Flaxton Farmer's Elevator Co, and also worked for Flaxton Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance Co, Farmers & Merchants Tele Co & the Old Settler's Assn. He was also the Director of the Burke County Fair Assn. If there are any of his descendants in the area I would sure love to hear from you!

Lyle & Pat Warnke from Oregon City, Or

We had a terrific time back in Flaxton. Hope everyone keeps in touch. Lyle & Pat Warnke

Dolores Hermansen-Holzinger from Mosier, Oregon

A big Thank-You to everyone who had a part in organizing the Centennial. I think it was a huge sucess and I am sure everyone who attended enjoyed it. I know I sure did. Thanks again. Dolores Hermansen-Holzinger class of '53.



David Nelson from Minot, ND

I would like to thank everyone involved with setting up the wonderful celebration of Flaxton's 100 Years Centennial. I enjoyed all the activities. Both dances were enjoyed by many and that parade brought back memories of the large homecoming parades we use to have. With the horse showmanship,bingo,karokee,auction and of course "Duke" the dog along with many more things there was always something to do. It was nice seeing so many people I hadn't seen in such a long time. Thank you again to all the people who gave of their time and energy to make this a time to be remembered for anyone that at sometime has been touched by the city of Flaxton. "THANK YOU" Dave Nelson Class "1971"

Charlotte Potter from Baltimore, MD

Looks very beautiful can't wait to visit someday. Nice web site!

Larry Jefferson from El Mirage, Az.

Great site! Wish I could have made it back, but thanks for the pictures and the memories.

LaVonne (Anderson) Monge from Jamestown, ND

Great website.

Gail Kostek from Crosby, ND

Hi! Teaching in Flaxton was an enjoyable experience. I hope all of the former students and teacher have a wonderful time. Gail Kostek

Colleen Peterson from Rock Springs, WY

Hello Everyone! It was great to read all the messages. We could not come for the celebration but hope everyone has a great time. It would have been fun. We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall for hunting season.

Bruce Peterson from Rock Springs, Wyoming

Great web site! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it up this summer for the centennial but looking forward to seeing everyone in Flaxton for a couple of weeks this October.

Dean and Carol Essen from Lake Metigoshe, ND

Carol and I are anxious to come to Flaxton for the centennial, we lived in Flaxton from 1961 to 1970 and got to know a lot of people and some very good friends.

Mike Ganskop from Green River, WY

Wonderful website, keep up the good work.

Lyle & Pat Warnke from Oregon City, Oregon

Lyle & Pat will be coming to the Centennial, arriving on July 12th. Be sure to look us up!

Howie Matte from Garrison, ND

Wayne Mahlum from Kingman, Arizona

I sold my first new tractor here in 1956 - John Deere 70 diesel.

LaVerna Hughey from Kansas City, Missouri

So sorry I won't be with you to celebrate. I know you all will have a wonderful time. There is just nothing like one's hometown or the friends you had there. Hello to everyone. God bless you all.

Oscar Kostad from Fargo, ND.

Nice web page, and good pictures.

Vivian Grasser from San Bernardino, California

My mother-in-law, Dolores Mae [Donahue] Grasser was born there.

Floyd (LaVern)& Bernice Halverson from Missoula, Montana

We'll be seeing you during the fair and Centenial.

Hollis Hall from Minot, ND

I'll be at the Centennial. See you there!

Yvonne Hansen from Spokane, WA

I will be attending the reunion. Looking forward to seeing old friends and family!

Kelly Lind from Eagan, MN

Great website!I am planning on making it back.

Gayle (Nygaard) Soderquist from West Fargo, ND

Great website!! We will be at the celebration and hope to see lots of the 1976 class, and other family & friends.

LeRoy & Marlene Heth from Sherwood, N.Dak

We are coming to the celebration. We ran the Highway Corner Mobil station-1955 to `68. We sure want to see our old friends. Keith Wanamaker is one that should look for us ,he was just a young boy back then.We will be in a Sunnybrook travel trailer, when not out & about. Our boys were grades 5,6,&7 when we left Flaxton.See U all in Flaxton.

Dolores {Donahue) Grasser from Henderson, Nevada,89015

Iand sisters MaryEllen and Bernadine will be there for the big show!!

Linda and Robert Godejohn from Williston, North Dakota

Hello to everyone in Flaxton and to all who are on their way for the centennial celebration! We plan to be in our old hometown for the week-end and hope to see all the Flaxton Raiders of '65 and all former students of "Miss Higdem" there. Thanks to the committees for working so hard to make this event possible and for giving us a chance to relive those great Flaxton memories. See you soon!

Loren Dunham from Fairmont, MN 56031

My brother Vern told me about this great site! Thanks to everyone for all the work that's been done. Like all of you, I really enjoy a chance to reconnect. I attended school in Flaxton thru 6th grade, leaving town in 1957. I would have been Class of 63 had I stayed. I have great memories of small town life, especially school, baseball, and the railroad. (I was the kid in the depot, you know!) My parents were Palmer and Ethel. I would enjoy hearing more from any of you! I was in Flaxton last summer and won't be able to be there this yea. But I will keep checking the site! (PS ... I still have most of the baseball cards I bought there!)

Wanyce (Nygaard) Arndt from Garrison, ND

Great website.. We intend to be at the big celebration, and hope to see the class of '57'. Looks like a fun time to be had.

Charles Graetz from ,

Have enjoyed the Flaxton Web Site - hoping to see family and friends when I am there. I am always amazed at what great school reunions you have. I've made them all and won't miss this celebration. Charles Graetz

charles jefferson from scandia, kansas

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