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Willie Deery from Derry City, N.Ireland

Pick City looks a lovely wee quaint place to live must visit it some day

Joel Peckham from Sheridan, WY

Purchased a lot in Goodrich, ND and was hoping to find some info on RV parks in Pick City with full hookups and info as to where you launch your boat and fishing map of the area.

Kevin Alexander from Clearfield, Utah

Have a friend who just moved to this city. Told me about the lake. Just looked at the web sight. I am sold. Great looking town. Quiet, nice, next to my favorite thing to do FISH. I am planing a visit real soon.

Mark Knuth from Nekoosa, WI

I will be working here for the next several weeks. I hope to enjoy your community.

Gordon Dooley from Casper, Wyoming

I have worked in No Dakota over the years and met a lot of good people. Beautiful country in the summer. Hello to Dave, Christie,and Candice Wiel.

Rachel Hard from Farmington, Minnesota

I was born in Minot and lived in Pick City until I was 5, I still consider it home and we visit often.

audrey slinde taylor from gallipolis, ohio

many memorys growing up in p.c.

Paul Swenson from Auburn , Alabama

Please have either Pat Galvin or JoAnn Winistorfer email info on how I can purchase a copy of " Who Dealt This Mess? " My dad, Gordon, was one of the brothers Pat dedicated the book to.

Pick Prince from Cedar, MI

This is My Town!

Bear Davis from , NJ

My friend Zachary Sabotouchi recently found out about this nice little place and is very eager to move there and try the fishing when he finishes college! As long as there is plenty of Copenhagen. ;]

paul dombrowski from San Pedro, CA

A friend just moved there this last fall he loves it there!

William Olson from Vancouver, Washington

I was born and raised in Dickinson, Moved away in 1956 and now would like to have a place to vacation in the summers. I would love to find a waterfront lot. Thank You! olsonbills@aol.com .

Gary Pick from Alexandria, Virginia

Hi, everyone! Just found out about Pick City, ND. My Grand Uncle was Gen. Lewis A. Pick. My hobby is Genealogy and I have a lot of family history information about him, if anyone would like it.

Karla Arvila from Cook, MN

Hi everyone, I am comming home Aug 4,2010. Party at the quanset on Sat. See you soon!!

Terry Rickard from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I lived,and went to school in Riverdale from approx 1954 to 1960 while my father worked on the Dam. I had school mates that lived in your town. It was a very nice small town.

Jim Seifert from Shawano, WI.

Looking for walleye fishing and cabins to rent for a week the month of May or June. Any info would be great. Thanks JS

rich skiple from fargo, nd


Emmit Brown from Hill Valley, CA

Love the giant cow off the freeway! Had to take a photo! great stuff!

Franz Kremer from Hennef, Germany

I was concidentally on this page. It´s very nice. You can also visit the page of my hometown: www.hennef-adscheid.de

douglas lewis from portland, oregon

Beautiful area, wonderful people

Arides Toro from santa marta , magdalena

love pick a city, looking forward, to visit, please keep me updating on all events..... Have a Happy day.....

Delores [Zeiszler] Whitted from Colorado Springs, 80917

Born & raised there,left in 1953 but still home to me. Nice to see all the nice mail.

Anthony Pick from Leigh, Lancashire. UK

Born 6July 1940

Byron Noel from Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

Really nice little town and I hope to come back on my next US trip.

Kathy Pick Buerkle from Cincinnati, Ohio

charles pick from thornville, ohio

love to visit someday

John Zeiszler from Fort Pierre, SD

I grew up in Pick City. My father owned Zeiszler Grocery.

Jeremy Overby from Williston, ND

Just viewing the site at the moment. I might go vacationing there this year.

klausjuergen rott from brandon, manitoba

Pick City reminded me of my Home in Germany quiet and serene beauty, and trustworthy people. Yes to the Hinterland of North Dacota. LOVED BEING THERE

Sonja Kautzman from Phoenix, AZ

I love the website as I can show people where I grew up. Only until they see the photo do they understand the beauty and the size of the lake. I miss Pick City and Riverdale very much. there is no place like home . . .

Richard Nacamuli from Califon, NJ

Best regards to all of my good friends in Pick City. I hope to see you all again soon. Richard L. Nacamuli

Megan Delzer from Sarasota, FL

Well i just moved to Flordia couple weeks ago from North-Dakota!! And i have to say it is the best thing even!!

Amy Schrader from Navarre, FL

i lived in pick city my senior year, i h ave to repeat the name EVERY time i tell someone about the place! you have a great web site!

kevin crump from phoenix, arizona

god i wish i could live in such a beautiful little quiet town like this,phoenix sucks,mexicans and serial killers is what this city has,it's totally nuts,can i move up there please!!

Keith Mohl from St Louis, MO

I was raised in Pick City. My parents Herbert and Meta (nee Bohrer) Mohl were displaced by the Garrison Dam. While I have not lived in Pick City for nearly 50 years I still consider it to be my home. Your web site allows me to show my children and grand-children my "roots"

Mike Weller from Palmer, ALASKA

Just found this site and it brought back some memories graduated from Riverdale in 74

Melissa Roller from Pick City, ND

Tina Lopez from Lodi, CA

I was just browsing the web when I came across your site. Pick City is of interest to me in that I may visit relatives in or near your fair town some time this year. Thank you for the providing information on your website.

Dawn Romero from Santa Fe, New Mexico

My grandparents are Benny and Betty Sailer of Pick city. My husband and I will be visiting next summer and I thought I'd just take a look at the website. I have lived in New Mexico my whole life and my husband was born here so I wanted to show him pictures of my grandparent home. Thanks

Dick Taylor from Grand Forks, North Dakota

Grew up in Riverdale from 54 to 63 when I graduated. Made many trips through Pick City as I dated a girl west of your beautiful town. Always wanted to spend an evening in the 7-ll club! Somehow the law fround on that! Beautiful site! Thanks for the memories!

Paige Lockard from Topeka, KS

hey! i'm currently a senior in high school, and we have an assignment dealing with our life in 10 years... we were told to randomly select any city in the US, so i browsed and came across pick city... i'm actually really looking forward to writing about my "new life" in pick city because my dad grew up and is still an avid fisherman, so "living" here will allow me to follow his footsteps. =) cute place to live. really pretty. ~paige

Jared D. from Port Ewen, NY

I was looking at the picture of your city from the website. It looks like a beautiful town. I am about 1 hr 15 minutes North of NYC, and upstate isn't that busy, but I just like your town better by just looking at it. If anyone knows of some properties for sale please email me. I would definately like to see more of your town & North & South Dakota in general. I am tired of NY.

Dean Anderson from Council Bluffs, Iowa

I will be in the area in about 3 weeks. Really excited about visiting the area.

Bill Joyce from Billerica, Ma

WEll I haven't gone to Pick CIty yet but as Soon as Sumer comes I'm coming down. So People of Pick city get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Weis from Bird Island, MN. 55310

I would like some fishing and lodgeing info. Winter fishing prefferably.

Paige Miller from Rhame, ND



Minerva Fred from Dunkirk, NY

Looks like a really nice town to live in. Looks peaceful


Just dreaming..........

Breanna Schuster from Bismarck, North Dakota

This site was very helpful for research! thanks!

tari ellwein-harrison from lodi, california

I have the distinction of being the only known person to have been born in the city of Pick City. The year was 1956 my parents were Ervin & Marie Ellwein. My mothers maiden name was Albers. There was far too much snow to make it to the hospital and I was in a hurry to arrive!!!!

joe walleen jr from flandreau, south dakota

hi to all

Maureen and Alan Joy from Lyman, Maine

Visited Pat and Rick Drown a number of years ago. They just flew back to North Dakota today after spending the last ten days in Maine.

troy miner from bismarck, nd

remember i stilll rule pick.

Jackie Neal from Jacksonville, Florida

I have many relatives that live in Pick City and lived there myself for a year as a young child. It is an awesome place and one of my favorite places to visit every summer. I wish it was closer so I could visit more often. Nice to see this small community has a website so others can see how lovely this town really is.

Don Robison from Suffolk, Virginia

Looking for a place to retire. I was born and raise in Killdeer and my wife is from Dunn Center. I retired from the Navy in 1994 and will retire from the Federal Government in 2008.

Cindy Kuylen from Pick City, ND

My husband and I have done alot of traveling over the years and lived in many different places. Nothing can compare to the beauty and the serenity that Pick City has to offer. What a great place to live.

brenden Melvie from bismarck, north dakota

hey sorry guys about what i said about pick sict i dident mean it and it wasnt tim it was brenden.

Rita A. Collard from Coral Gables 33133, Florida

Any suggestions would be appreciated about asking for a campsite at Lake Sakakawea State Park in June.... senior citizens with a large tent looking for a nice week in North DDakota.... thank you....

Kathleen Williams from Columbia, CA

It was nice to view your city along the Lewis and Lark AOM trail. Thank you, KW

Eddy from Denver, Colorado

Nice little site. Might stop by this summer. Former N.D. Res.

Laura Pasos from El Cajon, California

Dear Folks: We visited our Uncle Lloyd Seilinger and Aunt Shirley Welch a week ago. We love your city and are hoping to move there in the future. Thank you! Laura Pasos and Danny Lounsbury :)

Katy Gorley from Pick City, North Dakota

hey i live here, its awesome, and really pretty, and the town is sooo small u cant help but know everyone who lives here, i couldnt imagine living anywhere else

khara borner from minot, nd


Jan Mauch from Camp Hill, PA

Beautiful picture of Pick City in the aerial view. I grew up in Riverdale, just down the road! I know that Pick City is a beautiful place for fishing in the summer. I have visited the city several times during the 50's and 60's. Most of Riverdale is gone now since the Garrison Dam was completed in the fifties.

kelly kuylen from pick city, nd

Hey I live here and summers are great! I see alot of campers comeing and going so maybe youll see me bye

Amy Mehlhoff (Weinfortner) from Winnipeg, Manitoba

I was so glad to find this web site. Its funny how you take something for granted all your life and now that Im not near Pick City I look at it and realize what a beautiful place it is. I miss it more and more every day. Hope to hear from some of you "hometown" people Ive lost touch with.

Wayne Kroetsch from Grand Forks, North Dakota

Chris Kuylen from pick City, North dakota

I live in this town and i love it. I want to live the rest of my life here.

Mike Cameron from Bismarck, ND

Pick City is a great place

Cheri from , ND

I was there when I was just a young girl while my dad worked construction and I have lots of good memories of all the friendly people there. I remember a boy named John that I danced with at a wedding dance and I also remeber Love's used to babysit me. I'll never forget the big tornado that came through and ripped the roof off of alot of trailer houses including the Love's. Hopefully I never see something like that again. If anyone remembers me feel free to e-mail.

paul donahue from sacramento, ca

Spent two-plus years in Riverdale, across the dam, in the early 60's, long enough to remember pick city, underwood, riverdale, the riverdale hotel, bowling alley, and my 8th and 9th grade at Riverdale Grade & High School, most all of which may now be gone....Glad to see the website tonite...

Cheryl Johnson from The Dalles, OR

Glad to see the little town is still there. I grew up in Riverdale and enjoyed going to Pick City to visit friends with my parents Bernice and Dennis Miles. If anybody with pictures of Riverdale or Pick City has any would love to see them in my email. Keep up the good work Pick City! Cheryl (Miles) Johnson

Barb Boulanger from Weslaco, Texas

HI PAT, Would you please e-mail me the zip-code for Pick City. I can not find it anywhere. Sure do wish you a Merry Christmas. Thanks so much. Barb



Anthony Ellis from Vancouver, British Columbia

Jim Herweg from Ft. Worth, Texas


Barbara Boulanger from Weslaco, TX

We spent the past two summers in Riverdale and we came to or through Pick City a lot. Dazy Duke's is a favorite stop. The little shops across the street were neat. Barb

Jeremy Berg from Eau Claire, WI

We returned to Pick City for our second year of pheasant hunting. What a great place to get away !! Thank you very much !!!!! Skinny and Pat !!!!! Jeremy & Stu

Mike Cameron from Bismarck, ND

I love Pick City

David Yanish from West Fargo, nd

Russ Garrett from Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

I grew up in Pick City and am now in the 101st down here in Ft. Campbell. It's always nice to know I can see home 24/7 no matter where the Army takes me. The site is great with information, but more pictures always make a site better. Thanks for getting Pick on the web.

nichole roller from beaufort, south carolin

I was suprised to see Pick City having it's own website! Growing up there, I didn't think it would become global! It's a great place to visit and to be able to relax. Hope you enjoy your stay :O)

roger daniels from pocatello, idaho


Brian Hammond from Page, AZ

My Grandfather ran Hammond's Bait and Tackle shop in Pick City. I spent my summer's there in the 1960's. I worked part of the day and spent the rest of the day fishing. I have many wonderful memories of that tiny town. It is nice to see a web site.

Cassie Brydl from Dickinson, ND

I enjoyed your website very much! The different links made it very easy to find the information my family needed. It really helped us plan our camping trip to Pick City. We can't wait to go! Thank you!

Jackie Nelson Hill from Durant, Mississippi

I would like to know about the churches in the Pick City area. Which churches are there, and the approximate membership of them. Thanks.

Theresa Warinner from Woodstock, Georgia

Enjoyed my last visit. Caught lots of fish. Look forward to my next visit this year!

bill ross from minot, nd

i would like to know if you have rv lots for rent by themonth and prices with full hookups thank you, bill

Darlene Bacon from Killdeer, ND

Eric Anderson from Carmichael, CA

Nice Site. Say Hi to Odin Anderson next time you see him. Thanks, Eric Anderson

Dennis Maas from Riverside, CA

So Pick City has a web site! I grew up about eight miles SW of there, on Fred and Hulda Maas farm. Also got cought in a snow drift on the way home from Minot day before Thanksgiving in 1950. Many "fond" memories. Am now doing genaology research and haave many people from that area in my Family Tree Maker File. Names include Maas, Kruckenberg, Sailer, Richter, Miller, Adolf, Reichenberg, Schulz, Kuch, Isaak, Neuberger,Heine, Huber, Ost, Bohrer, Guenthner, Mohl, Buchfink, Rathjen, Rahn, Kilber, Ziemann and many more. Anyone wanting to know more about these area families or make contributions, contact me.

Carla Leingang from Plano, TX

I hope everyone enjoys the Pick City homepage! I had a great time making a site for my hometown. If there is anything you'd like to see added, drop me an email! Don't forget about me down in Texas, ok? See you on the next visit North!

Ruth Gruber from Emerado, ND

Your city should be very proud to offer the services to it residents it does. However, your postal code would be a nice addition to the site

Amber Drown from Grand Forks, North Dakota

Good webpage. Kinda funny that a small town has a website. Keep up the work on it :)

Wendy Miller from Washburn, ND

Cool website. I'm glad to see that Pick City is keeping up with the times! Great work.

Patricia Drown from Pick City, North Dakota

I am the auditor for the City of Pick City. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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