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Frank Taylor from Manhattan, MT

I am trying to find info on my two Great Uncles Joe, and Charlie Burrell. Thank you

Les Peterson from Aloha, Oregon

I am looking for a copy of my fathers birth certificat. He was born 12-12-1919 Leslie Howard Peterson to Edwin and LuLu Peterson of Sherood Norh Dakota. I asked about this several years ago and was told that the record did excist, and a small fee would send me a copy, please let me know if that is still posible. Or a link that I can copy it my self. Thank you for your help Leslie H Peterson Jr. 503-781-6746

Linda Willey-Engeberg from Eagle, ID

My Dad was from this area and the family I married into was too.

Cindy Helm from Manhattan, Kansas

Francis Crisman from Marana, Arizona

Sherry Petersen from Palm Coast, Florida

Hi everyone! My husband has just been given a job offer for Do All in Glenburn. We are having an impossible time finding a place to rent until we buy a home there. We are very excited to make Renville County our home and could use some help finding a 3br home to rent by Sept. 15th. Please keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if there is anything in the area available. We look forward to becoming part of your community. -The Petersens-

Thomas Busche from Edmond, OK

I am looking for a township map of Renville County. Can you provide me a site name for this map?

Leo Mayer from Gridley, Ca

I signed your guest book a number of years ago..Just wanted to update my E-Mail address. A GREAT BIG HOWDY to all from California.


i went to school in Mohall in 1944-1947. I graduated and spent 4 years in the army and then came back for the summer. I then went into the navy to go to their electronics school. When I got out of the navy, I was there for two weeks and Boeing came and signed me up to workfor them. I retired from Boeing in 1990. Maybe see you at the reunion.

Kermit Mahlum from Prior Lake, Minnesota

I grew up in Norma and as I reviewed this website, it brought back many, many memories especially at Mouse River Park.

Michael Hardcastle from St. Louis, Missouri

I am fascinated with the Great Plains and would love to visit your county some day.

Dorma Erickson_Schiele from Camarillo, California

I grew up in the Grano and Greene area. My father and mother were Selmer and Mabel Erickson.

Rick Ahmann from Helena, MT

My Grandparents (Lee and Clara (Zeltinger) Ahmann) farmed East of Minot, as did both of their parents. Dad, aunts and uncles all called this area of the world home once upon a time. I greatly enjoyed summers spent working the farm with Grandpa and was mostly relegated to Garden Duty with my Grandmother. My memories are very happy ones! This is a beautiful part of the world in so many ways! I look forward to visiting again some day soon!

Katy Black from Mountainburg, Arkansas

I am related to Herman and Henry Hurdelbrink, who lived in Eden Valley and are buried in Union Cemetery in Renville County. Would love to hear from anyone else researching this family.

Ray Trotter from Surrey, British Columbia

My mother was 8th grade grad in Mohall ca. 1917 - Irene Allison. Her uncle Allen Allison is named in the history as a founding leader of the Nazarene Church and cousin Ethel as a member who moved from there into serving aas a Nazarene college professor. I believe my grandfather and his brother Allen operated a store together for awhile in Mohall in the 19teens. I visited there about 25 years ago and stayed at Mouse River Park, which my mother recalled visiting occasionally while she was a young resident there. It was really nice to see the old pictures, some from her era there and certainly of people she and my grandparents knew. Thank you for putting the time and effort into creating such a remarkable website. I really want to visit to the area again sometime. Anyone there still recall the Allisons?

William (Bill) Higham from Edgewood, New Mexico

I am married to Melody Joy Higham (Mayer). She is the daughter of Henry Joseph Mayer, formerly of Sherwood, ND. I spent a few days with Bob and Maxine Walker in 1982 after Henry suffer a heart attact after attending his fathers funeral in 1982 (John Mayer). We drove there from Califronia to help and Henry and Betty his wife get their truck back to California. I was impressed by the close relatiionships in that small town.

Eugene Fuchs from Portland, Oregon

I was raised in Lockwood Township and attend the township school through grade 8. I nor my family have any photos of the school or the students. I would appreciate receiving copies of photos of the school and students from 1946-1954. My parents are Ralph and Marie Fuchs. Our farm was and still is 3 miles south of Grano. This is a terrific web site.

Leo Mayer from Gridley, California

Hi, Spent many a day in Mohall, Sherwood, Loraine as a child. Borne on the old John Krause farm south east of sherwood. Lived most of the time on farm two miles north of Loraine in Eden Valley township. I am son of Joe & Margaret Mayer, went to Eden Valley school. Many, many memories of those days, just wanted to say hi to all! GOD bless

Patrik Sassersson from Rottne, Sweden

Hello! I have a relative that left Sweden in 1910. His name was Karl Svärd, born 1891-12-21 i Gladsax, Sweden. In the emigration papers he was heading for Carduff, Sas, Canada, but I have also heard that he settled in Dakota somewhere. He was salesman and got one son Charles (Carlson or Svard?) and two daughters - one of their names was Christina. I have got a hit searching the US Census index that one Carl Svard was living in RENVILLE in 1910. Perhaps it is my relative!? Please, do anyone know anything about this?

R Wolters from Dresden, Ohio

Hi! I am looking for any information on my great-grandparents, Peter and Marit Satran (who passed on in 1948 and 1949)and who lived in Mohall. They apparently had over 200 descendants at the times of their deaths. They were also the longest married couple in Renville County (at least at one time!). They were married over 73 years! I believe I probably have many cousins, great aunts and uncles in the Mohall and surrounding areas. I would love to hear from any of you and most especially anyone that might remember either Peter or Marit and have information that you would be willing to share with me. My great-grandparents Satran immigrated from Norway. Marit was born in Maraker, Norway and from information that I have found, she and Peter were married there. Hope to hear from someone soon! Thank you!

Ed Knuth from Fargo, ND

I would like information on a parcel of land in Renville County.

Mark Johnson from Fargo, ND

Hi there, I passed through your area this past June, 2006. I am compiling a photography project, and would like some assistance. I photographed what was remaining of a brick vault in Norma, and it would be great to get more information about what that building once was (a Bank I presume), and even a photo of it still standing. Any assistance with this would be appreciated. The more the better. Thanks!

Rudolph Mittelstadt from Shoreview, MN

John Flood from New York, NY

I'm fascinated by the Plains and I would really like to visit. I hope I get the chance.

Kjell Bringedal from 2380 Hamar, Norway

Patti Gullickson from Billings, MT

NEAT SITE!!!! My mother-in-law was born in Tolley, Renville County. I am researching for my husband her family. Her parents died when she was just a young child. She has no recolection of them and her and her siblings were fostered out. The family name is DIETZ and she married GULLICKSON. I know that her father and mother are buried in the McKinney Cemetery. Henry and Mary DIETZ. If anyone has any information on any of these families, it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to correspond with you and if there is any help I can be of service to you here in MT with Genealogy, PLEASE feel free to contact me. Thanks so very much in advance. Yours Sincerely, Patti Gullickson

Tenny hogan "Foight" from Frankfort, KY

I have fond memories of Tolley in the early 1982-84. I'm looking for Photos of the High School, the Catholic Church, Tolley Grocery, and the Dinner.

Andres Perez-Ortega from Bradenton, FL.

Hi! Im so happy eir about, Renville Contry Home, and really make me think about muve afther, but just I ask for more info. about the oil fields, wich is a kaind of job I handdle for arrond 15 years before came in to America. I had recived yours e-mails and is very good everything you guys offered, but it is not eassy make a decition so sun, a course I not exppected everything so eassy, but is something to thinking about it. congratulations for this big proyect. Very freandly ANDRES.

Rosty Nimnul from Geezwood, Alabama

Awesome site! Keep up the good work! I remember the good old days

Bill Estenson from Walker, Mn

My Grandfather W.E. Shortridge, Norma, and family owned a general store,he was postmaster and some kind of JP. My mother was Pearl Shortridge. I have notes, rects for tranport of prisoner in murder committed in Norma. It involved a MgHee or Mcgee, a black man in Norma in early 1900's. I would like more info if any is available. Me and my wife are coming out in a RV to visit friends in Kenmare where I was born in 1936 and may come visit Mohall.


Kathy (Martine) Blood from Huntington Beach, CA

I was researching Renville County for information on my grandfather Walter N. Martine Register of Deeds in 1912-1918? Found his name listed in "The Early Days" entry. Very interesting site and well organized. Thank you.

Dennis Beard from Astoria, Oregon

Hi, I am inquiring about Hamlet Township, Renville County, (may have been Ward County at one time)in North Dakota; my interest in Hamlet Township would be particularly of interest to me with regards to the South West quarter of section 28, in Township 161, North of Range 85, West of the 5th Principal Meridian, conataining 160 acres. My Grandparents owned that parcel and homesteaded there on record from 1903 through the BLM, May 7th 1904, then OFFICIALLY filed & recorded March 28th 1905, granted by President Theodore Roosevelt. Their names were, Henry Nelson & Kathrine Nelson. They had 6 children, one who died, Carl Nelson probably buried there somewhere. On their land was situated an old school house near the far left, N.W. top corner of their parcel.....I want to know more history surrounding this (hamlet Township, my Family & associates, friends and if the school house is still there, how it was used and when etc.., What if any notariety and impact my family had on the community/county and so forth. I know Henry Nelson and Kathrine both emigrated from DENMARK and may have come through Canada then on to North Dakota, Hamlet Township ca 1903-1920. Is the old School House still there on their property? Are there any photos of it I can get? I know that My Grandmother did not sign off on any papers for the sale of her farm, only my Grandfather did, making the sale of our farm not legal at the time. What is the property doing now, how is it being used and so forth. I guess any information surrounding the history of Hamlet Township, my family and so forth would me of GREAT help and muchly appreciated........ I am desperately trying to trace my family's history........ Thanks, Dennis Beard (Nelson)

Jeremy Smith from San Antonio, Texas

I was stationed at Minot AFB from 1994-98, and loved it when I was there. While working in the ND Missile Fields, and on my own time, I often visited Mohall, Mouse River, and other places in the county. I am now married, and hope that one day I can bring my wife and newborn son to visit one of the most beautiful, serene, and tranquil places I have ever seen. Thanks for the memories! -by the way, how about some more up-to-date photos? That would be GREAT! Thanks.

Leslie Howard Peterson from Beaverton, Oregon USA

My Father was born in Sherwood N.D. Dec 12,1919. something tells me I need to visit there. Whould like to know if county record for biths go back that far?

James Oney from Jefferson, TX

Hallvard Sorli from 2233 Vestmarka, Norway

Hello! Ihave had the pleasure to study your website. The reason why I entered your site, is my interest of genealogy. I have reason to belive that the brother of my grandfather lived in Mohall ND. I have a letter from him dated May 1907. He emigrated from Norway 1905. I don't know much about him or his family. I would be very greatful if anyone in Mohall or the Renville county could give me more information about him. His name was: Sigvart Moe, born March 25, 1884 in Norway. I belive that he some time was working at the railroad. Hoping that someone can help me. Greetings from Hallvard

Ron Croft from Cary, NC

Just taking a look at N.D. Always wanted to live there.. Maybe someday.. Take care everyone!!

Virginia Fuhrken from Minneapolis, MN

HELLO--My dad was Oscar Aalund (1905-1990) of Hamlet township west of Mohall. Mom was Hazel McCulloch (1908-1988) of the Greene area. I have many happy memories of visiting the Mohall area in my childhood. I bought a "yard of the Park" in the 1980's for my German brother-in-law; he is pleased to own a piece of America. Are "yards" still available for sale?

Julie Ferguson from La Palma, CA

Marvin Mau from Hebron, ND

Would be nice to get new pictures of Mohall's mainstreet for web sight. On the way past Hebron stop and say hello 318s Elk st. Have a good day from the mayor of Hebron !

steve kelly from london, united kingdom

just surfing the internet came across your site ,looks a great place to visit, just wait till i have bought my american walking boots and i will come and visit..steve

Janelle Spreer from Longmont, CO

I lived up in the Carpio area and I have recently started working on the family tree. Anybody having information on the SCORE or LEE history let me know. My parents were DONALD M. and DOROTHY. Grandparents were OLE and OLGA(ORTBERG)LEE and INGMAN and HARRIETT SCORE. THANK YOU!!! GREAT WEBSITE ALSO.

Sherry Lewis from Troutdale, Oregon

Looks like a beautiful place. I would love to visit sometime.

Lauren Wilvers from Plymouth, Minnesota

I was doing a report on Renville county and got almost all my information from it! Thank you Renville for all it's interesting facts. Lauren Wilvers

Tim Williams from Elloughton cum Brough, United Kingdom

After reading the Renville County farmer i looked up Mohall and your county...very interesting. We must take a trip to North and South Dakota. How come your population is going down so much ?

Robert Edwards from Alexis, IL

I lived in Mohall, ND back in 94-97 before moving up to Alaska. I do miss my old friends and teachers. I hope I can get back there someday to see everybody again.

gail baska from mohall, nd

Darren Benson from Fargo, ND

I happened across your website on accident. It was very enjoyable viewing all the information, in particularly the "history" section! I was born in Minot and lived in Glenburn until age 10. My parents are originally from Grano and Lansford. My Grandparents lived in Mouse River Park when I was young. In fact, they lived only about 50-60 yards straight East of the walking bridge you show in your picture, so that brings back many memories. (I'm guessing that almost any kid from Renville county has at one time crossed this bridge and rocked it back and forth!) I've since lived in Jamestown, Bismarck and Fargo, but a small part of me will always be back "home" in Renville county. I hope you decide to keep up this site and add more info in the future. I look forward to visiting it again!

bruce brown from alexandria, VA

Lloyd Moberg from Mohall, No. Dak.

Tom Gloger from Wheeling, Illinois

Found your site while looking for information about Greene, where my Great-Uncle was station agent on the Soo. I visited there in 1952, '57, '65, and '67. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone else who has been there.

Robert Edwards from Alexis, ILLINOIS

Rodney Kiser from Cary, NC

Saw your site while looking at ND sites, taking a trip way soon, so trying to get some info. Nice site, and if Im close enough, maybe I'll stop by!

Steve Bouressa from Saint Michael, MN

My mother was born in Tolley in 1917. Always wanted to take her back there, but is now too late. Her name at the time was: "PEPPERSACK."



Wolfgang and Marina Litzke from Berline, Germanny

Hello to the people of Mohall, we visited in 1996 and 1999 the Abrahamson Family in Mohall.Gloria Abrahamson was a great-cousin from Wolfgangs mother.We enjoyed the time in Dakota.We heard a lot of the cetennial party and like to look into your guest-book. Wolfgang and Marina from Berlin in Germany.

Patrick Pellett from Middleburg, Florida

My family settled in and around Renville County, Tolley, N.D., in the 1880's. My grandfather was born there and my father was born in Minot, N.D. 1909. I am looking for any and all the information reguarding the Pellett family during this time and place.

Wayne Pederson from Snohomish, Wash

Susan Ritter: Susan I want to send my thanks to all of you that attended the Memorial Day Service, You all made your Uncle Bud very happy! And it was great to see you all after so many years. E-mail me when you get this. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Wayne

Dodie Gates-Morin from San Jose, California

I'm looking forward to the reunion this summer, and would enjoy hearing from any class of '51 members.

Erif & Keighly Harmel from Glenburn, ND

Karen Hall from Kitchener, ON

HACKETT- Looking for info on a VETERINARINE named Charles HAckett.1890 to early 1900's,arrived in ND from Linwood ,Ontario Canada around that time.Are there any HACKETT'S out there!! I'd LOVE to there from you...e-mail

margo harris from whitefish, mt.

Hi everyone I'm looking forward to coming home for the big reunion. See you then!

Terry D. Erickson from Winter, Wisconsin

I grew up in Carpio, ND. My parents were Ernest and Astrid Erickson. Grandfather E.W. Erickson. Grandfather on Mother's side Lar's Flatin. Our farm was just above Lake Darling.

Janeen Pollman from Willow City, North Dakota

Bonnie (Gallagher) Gilson from Phoenix, AZ

Researching George Elsworth GALLAGHER who lived in Edson, Renville Cty, ND from 1901 until his death in 1945. He had a blacksmith shop. There were other Gallagher's in the area and I wonder if they were related to him? If you are related to or know of the Gallagher's of Renville County I would love to hear from you.

Dennis Laumeyer from sierra vista, az

what a great little web site I really enjoyed it

Richard Roberts from Hughesville, Pa

Tracy Christmann from Napoleon, ND



T. J. Williams from Atlanta, GA

I lived in Minot from 1990 to 1993, and got up to Mouse River Park one summer night. I was with a group of friends, and we had ourselves a great time. I hope I can get back up your way again sometime soon. North Dakota really is the nation's best-kept secret!



Gerry Duerre from Vista, CA

Got the web site form the Centennial notification. I would like to greet classmates of '51 and any other friends. I plan to visit the site often. Good job on the displays and information available. I will be arranging my schedule to be back next July

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