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Fred Von During from Kingman, AZ

My mother was raised in Sherwood and maybe was born there..I was trying to find information for her..She was born anywhere from 1905 to 1925 or so..She passed on in 1967-70 and all I remember now is her mentioning Sherwood N. Dakota and State Teachers College I think in Bismarck...Her maiden name was Dorothea Hazel McLane married name was Dorothea Hazel Von During...Anything known about her would be very appreciated..I am at the following email address in thanks...

Don McFarlane from Missoula, MT

XDABNVPYAK Thank you for creating and maintaining this web-site. My 88 year old father was born on a farm a couple miles south of Sherwood. He lived there until his family moved to Bottineau when he was in high school. He would return and visit friends (Max Hurdelbrink and family) until 1990 or so. He enjoyed looking at the photos of the churches and a few of the other photos of building he remembers. Sincerely Lisa McFarlane

kathleen Knutson from Angels camp, California

Grandparents and parents both from this area. Krause family farm.

Chase Driscoll from Sherwood, North Dakota


Anthony Sovert from Roswell, NM

nice site!

Michael Lalonde from Sudbury,

We stopped in this summer on our way to Nebraska. Charming place to be :)

Daniel Williamson from Los Angeles, California

Nice site!

Phil Tomb from Chino, CA

The history in your town is amazing. After visiting your site, I did more reading on google and it seems like a nice place. From the family at gadgetronx, I would like to thank you for sharing and leaving this website open to people who are willing to appreciate what you have to share.

Mick Dundee from ,

nice site

Sean Rogert from Denver, CO

Sweet! glad I found this.

Joyce Scobey from Hemet, CA

My mother recently passed away and we found an old photo from 1929 in her home. It is of Sherwood Wildcats of 1929, 16th district regional H. Champions of ND. No names identified. Is there a way to find out who the people in the photo are from your archives? I can send a copy of the photo.

Mike Garneau from Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Great site :)

Belinda Spiers from Austin, Texas

A great place to visit for the whole family on tour through North Dakota.

donnie brewer from omaha, ne

will be heading through am looking forward to a relaxed visit.. love that area.

Steele Tortorich from Baton Rouge, LA

Sherwood seems like the ideal location to raise a family. Thanks for this great website devoted to educating the rest of the country on why Sherwood offers its residents a safe and unique place to live. Steele Tortorich

Kristy (Daeley) Titus from Mohall, ND

The Sherwood All School Reunion has been set for July 5th and July 6th of 2013!!! Please send yours, family, and any classmates address information to as soon as possible! Please also include the year each person graduated. Thanks!

Tammy West (Neubauer) from Poulsbo, Washington

Fun website. My Dad (Arnold Neubauer) lived in Sherwood before moving to Washington. He passed away August 29, 2009. Yesterday would 1/31/13 would have been his 95th birthday.

David Krueger from Alto, MI

Hi, I was a photo in your history gallery of a Carl Krueger (1936); are there still any Kruegers in the Sherwood area? thanks, Dave Krueger

Mark Parker from ,

Great website, love it!

Douglas Arneson from Mandan, ND

Shawn Hanson from Fargo, ND

My dad, Orlin Hanson, passed away on Saturday, October 13th here in Fargo. His funeral will be on Friday, October 19th in Sherwood.

Orlin Hanson from Fargo, ND

Good to see you all sign into the guest book. Keep it up Lola amd I are now living in Bethaney Homes in Farg since last Dec 11. We like it and are near our family. Shawn &nd Karla live here amd have two little boyd, Jake who is 7 years old and Andy is 5 yrs. We get tol watch them hockey in the winter. Then we have Dee here with two children who hav e graduated from jigh school and are going to college Iowa City, Iowa. Those two are right here in Fargo. Then Dtan & Karen live just two hour drive from Fargo h St Cloud, Mn with 3 children, Mikael 17 yers old, Mathew,14 yrs old and Julie,11, so you see we are close to our family now.

Junia (Schlinkert) Meyer from Willow Lake, SD

We recently visited Sherwood with my father who interned at Our Saviors Lutheran Church from May of 1950 to August of 1951. During this visit, your local public librarian spent time visiting with us. She told us her name, but I have forgotten it and did not write it down. I would like to have her name so I could send her a Thank You note. Thank You!

Jordan Keith from Chicago, IL

Just googled Sherwood and found out we have a website?! Who knew. Looking forward to visiting home end of September.

Darrell Keel from Washougal, Washington

Congratulations to Sherwood for a great 75th Memorial Day celebration.Nice to see old friends and relatives.Special thankyou to Shirley and Darrel Ritter for Ritter reunion.From Darrell Keel,Carol Jean Ritter-Peters.Kooky Ritter Helland,B.J. & Clarice Ritter,Kathy Tennyson

Dan Munthe from Eden Prairie, MN

Was a beautiful day to drive around ND last week Wednesday (4/4/12). Wishing you an excellent day for the Fire Dept. fundraiser (pancake feed).

Orlin Hanson from Fargo, ND

Good job Roxanne on the news letter. All the pictures and color really makes it enjoyable.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

The fund raiser for Bryan was quite hugh sccess. over 300 pepole there. The family & friends say thank you to everyone who came a donated and help put it on. Thanks

Orlin Hanson from Fargo, ND

Benefit being held for Bryan Beckedahl March 24th A chili and soup feed benefit is being held for Bryan Beckedahl on Saturday, March 24th, 2012, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Sherwood Legion Hall. The benefit is to help cover medical expenses for Bryan. Besides the chili and soup feed there will be kids’ games, Bingo, a silent auction, and raffles. It is a family event and will be fun for all. Then from 9:00 p.m. to closing, there will be a Karaoke Dance Party at Shawnea’s Place in Sherwood. You must be 21 to attend the Karaoke Dance Party. All proceeds that evening, including the drinks willgo to Byans fund.

Florian Steger from Lutago, Italy

Hi there Country folks. Nice Place. I found your town with Google Maps. Greatings from Lutago in Italy.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

The Mavericks are on a roll again defeating the Kenmare Honkers 53 to 37 in the loser out game at the Dist 12 BB tourney in Minot. On Sat they will now play the loser of the game tonight between Bishop Ryqn & Des Lacs. th winnef of the game will go on to the Reg tourney next week. Good luck to the Mavericks tomorrow 2-11-12.

Orlin Hanson from Fargo, ND

Folks Lola & Orlin are now in Fargo at the Bethany Home 201 University Drive,Room 203 T1 for Orlin, Room 204 T1 for Lola. Fargo ND 58103 Its a good place everybody and we like it here because we have family here to enjoy time with them. Its just wonderful all the pepole who stop to visit.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Folks Lola & Orlin are now in Fargo at the Bethany Home 201 University Drive,Room 204 T1 for Orlin, Room 307 T1 for Lola. Fargo ND 58103

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Folks, I will be leaving Sherwood Sunday Dec 11 going to Fargo,ND entering nursing Home called "Bethany Care Center"

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Big night at American Legion 49th Annual Dinner/Dance in Sherwood. The Auxullary feed 200 or more at The school and then we had close to 200 at the dance with the "M & M" dance b band from Donnybrook prodviing the Music. Good event & we want to thank Riich Eide & Gladis Lakefield for all the work they DID selling tickents & work envoved.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Well, Folks, The MLS Mavericks lost the Regioal football game to Mott/Regent Sat 34-26. Good game, the MLS boys played a good game and I want to congradulate them for giving their best and the Coaches too. Thanks you for a good season Orlin Hanson

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

The Mavericks defeated Drake-Anamoose last nite 42-2 and are 7-1 in Dist 3. I think they will be the Playoffs starting next Sat Oct 22. I will let you know they play. Orlin

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , nd

Mavericks defeated Four Wind Indians yesterday 76-18 and now 6-1 in Region 3--9man. One game left next Friday they play Drake/Anamoose in Mohall 7:30 Homecoming.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

No football game this week for the Mavericks.unseith caled forfitted the game for lack of players. The Mavericks are now 5-1 and second in the Region3. Next game Fri. 10-7-11 MLS vs Four Winds/Warwick in Mohall 4:00pm GO MAVICKS

Richard Dillon from Seattle, WA

Released my fifth music CD on iTunes,, Pandora, and my website: Taught music in 1976

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Mavericks did it again They went clear to Leeds and defeated Benson County 22-20. they seem to have bunch gf good football players and really good coaching. Hoorah for the Mavericks, Next game Thrusday Sept 22-Surrey @ Minot State U - 7:00p.m.

Loren Volk from Marietta, Georgia

My dad, Joseph Volk is from Sherwood and I spent the summer there in 1964. Hope to get back there for a visit soon.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

The Mavericks did it again tonite, they defeated TGU in Towner 44-16. They trailed TGu at the end of the 1st gtr by a touchdown but after that it was all Mavericks. this puts them 3-1 in the Region. Now they will be at LEEDS NEXT Sat to play Benson co. gggood luck to the Mavericks.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , nd

Mavricks football defeated St John last night Sept 2 in Mohall 60 to 28. the first qter the score was 6 to 22 with St John leading then the Mavericks took over and out scored St John 54 to 6 in the last 3 qters. quite a game to watch. The new Football cooach is Brian Rohles and he sure seems to be doing a good job. Keep up the good work MLS

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, Norht Dakota

Folks I have been out of touch with things a month or so. June 30th I went to Minot to the Hospital with Pnuemonia for 5 days then Rehab at trinity Rehab center then to Mohall Good sam Home for another 30 plus days of Rehab. Am now feeling pretty good and hope to be going Next week. I will then get up to speed with the cpmputer again. Orlin

Dick Mosely from ,


Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Just got done with Bingo Saturday afternoon. Good crowd thing is we give away to much money in prizes. We are losing money so far this year. The good thing is it brings pepole into town and te money stays in the comunity.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Sakakawea Chapter of the Good Sam Club will be in Sherwood Friday April 29-30-May 1 visiting with the folks. Come out and visit with the folks from the Good Sam club.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

There will be a meeting in the near future to make plans for an all school reunion for Sherwood--hopefully next summer (2012)

Warren Johnson from Dahlonega, GA

I am looking for cemetery information re: Brown and Johnson burials. Thanks!

Mark Knox from Tempe, AZ

I want everyone to know that the Carl & Kari Knutson Clan is having a First Cousins Reunion. July 22-23-24 the first weekend of Fair week of 2011. All Grandchildren Great grandchildren Great-Great grandchildren of Carl and Kari Knutson are invited. If you know someone from the family stop by and say Hi! We would Love to see you all there. Please call Mark Knox at 480-839-0232 with questions, God Bless

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Friday Feb 4 The MLS Lady Maverick did again They defeated Berthold 58-39 at Sherwood. Jackie Miller was high scorer and the Kerstin Johnson, Stevie Gates, Kalli Engh, & Kati Johnson the starting five. Good job Lady Mavericks.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

The Maverick Ladies did it again last night defeating the Beulah Miners 57-52. They are on a roll. Tough game but they all played a good game.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Well the Lady Mavericks did it again. Defeated Rugby sat nite 59-37 They sre really on roll. Next week they play at Glenburn on Thursday nite Jan 27 and then /sat Jan 29 Play Beulah in Mohall. Good luck Lady Mavericks. Orlin

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Well the Lady Mavericks won another game Fri nite defeating the Minot Bishop Ryan team 48-42. Again Kalli Engh made 4 free throws in the last 30 seconds to win the game for MLS, Jacke Miller was back in action and scored 18 points too. both teams paly a double header today againist Rugby

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Tuesday night Jan 18, 2011 MLS Maverick girls basketball team did it. They played surrey at Sherwood and won 3 games. The C team won 45-22, The b team then won 51-24. Then the A team won 43-40 with Kalli Engh & Kirsten Johnson shooting free throws in the last 30 seconds of the game to win the game. Really was exciting. MLS played with out there main player Jackie Miller as she was in a car accident and could not play just yet. Maybe next week.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas and Winter time. Been snowing all night and today. Most achools were let ot at 2:00 pm. All ball games have been postponded. It will get better after while. Ha Orlin

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Thanks Randi

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

/the Mavericks play a double header to night againist TCU The Girls paled at 4:30 winning by a score of 73 to 46. Jackie Miller and Kirsten Johnson were out standing. That Jackie Miller will wind playing for some college next year. The boys lost by 4 points 55 to 51 I think. A good game to watch. New coach Matt Undlin did a good job.

Warren Johnson from Dahlonega, GA

Seeking information on Frank Oscar Johnson, buried in Sherwood cemetery June 3, 1940, specifically mentioning his parents. Thanks!

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

The 2010&2011 Maverick basketball season is now in swing. The boys have already played 2 games Dunseith & bottineau losing but real close. They nnow are at Max tonite Dec 7 and then both play a DH in Mohall Sat Dec 11 against TGU. Starting at 1:00 pm

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

The MLS Mavricks football team will be playing Sat Oct 16th in the first round playoff in Mohall at 2:00pm. Great season Mavericks keep it up Sat. Orlin

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

MLS Mavericks defeated Surrey Fri 58--40. Quite a game to watch. Hunter Ackerson scored 4 touchdowns. now they play Westhope-Newburg-Maxbass on Tuesday Oct 12 the last game of the regular season. Then we will see about the playoffs.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

MLS Mavericks defeated Divide County(Crosby}in football game last night at Mohall 40-38. Quite a game Bob Brown a Sherwood boy coaches Crosby team. They were 4th in the State in 9 man football. Hurrah for the Mavericks. There are 7 Sherwood bboys on the team so quite a crowd from Sherwood at the game.

mary blue from bottineau , nd

I would like to let your community know that I have a 16 station circuit exercise system that is similar to curves. If you know of anyone in your community that would be interested in purchasing this equipment and opening a workout place, this would be a great opportunity. This equipment is used but in great shape. New this equipment was over $18,000 and I am selling for $10,000 which is a small investment. If you have any questions or would like more info or pictures just email me or call me @ 228-3228 or 871-2277 Thanks for your time

Tom Nelson from Sherwood, Oregon

I am from the Grand Forks area, but moved to Oregon with my family in 1978. My children grew up in Eugene, Oregon but they all live in the Portland area now. So, last year my wife and I moved to be closer to them. We ended up in a town called Sherwood. Today I was cleaning out my garage and found a old ruler with "Ogilvie & Roisum Sherwood, North Dakota --- Peters ---- Weatherbird Solid Leather Shoes" written on it. I am impressed with your web site. If anyone can give me more information on that old ruler, please email me.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

If you go to the Community link you page down and you can see the new Addition to Union Cementery.

Orlin Hansons from Sherwoodn, ND

The Renville County Muskrats Legion Baseball team particpated the Section tourment in Landsford Tuuesday-Saturday nd came away two wins and two loses and are done for the season. they finished the season with a pretty good record course I would have liked to have seen do a little better but they tried. Thank you to Matt Titus for doing a good job coaching and to all the players thanks and espically Jeremy Scott, for being a good friend. Orlin

Orlin Hansons from Sherwood, ND

The Renville County Muskrats American Legion baseball team defeated the Crosby team last night in a double header at the Shewood baseball park. good show, good crowd and good baseball. thanks to all and espically Terry Miller and the work he and his family put in getting the park to look so beautifull and to all the rest who worked at it. THANK YOU

ej from ,


Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

We now have the Renville County Muskrats Legion Baseball team web site on the You can click on the Muskrats home page on the first page up Orlin

orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

I plan on having Renville County Muskrats web site on this week. Orlin

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Folks If you hve any updates for this web site email them to me. Anything ne you might have stories, pictures or what ever. Just contact me at

Dan G from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hello. I was checking out your town on google maps for no particular reason. Seems like a nice place. Have a good day

Glenda Raymond from Topeka, Ks

Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!!!

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

Folks when you check out the school news notice under the page name on top the Dchool Calendar, this is the the one put out by the Mohall schoolandit pertains to Sherwood too

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

The Lady Mavericks are sarting the season in good shape winning their first two games at the NW Trny in Stanley by big margins and now will be in the semifinals fri night. Good Luck Lad Mavs

Kristy Titus from Mohall, ND

Check out the Renville County Facebook Page to see what is happening in our area. You can find the page listed under: Renville County Western North Dakota

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

The Mavericks lost the playoff game /tuesday night at Turtle Lake to central Mclean County. They had a good seson though so Be Proud of them Orlin

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

The Mavericks will be playing Central McLean County this Tuesday in Turtle Lake 7:00 pm in the first round of the football playoffs. Ben Keith from Sherood is one of their top players and he something to see carring that ball. WOW

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood , ND

The boys won last nite defeating Westhope-Newberg-Glenburn 25--16, Ben Keith scored 3 touchdowns again and gained 257 yards rushing so he has had quite a season. Now they are in the playoffs starting next Tues Oct 20th I will keep you informed who and where it will be played Orlin

ORLIN Hanson from Sherwood, ND

SNOW, SNOW, EVERY WHERES and no way to play with it Ha. 2 to 3 inches of it on the lawn and a football game to day in Mohall at 7:oo pm should be fun. Orlin

Orlin Hansons from Sherwood, ND

Check out the School News on front page of web wite and see the latest MLS school newsletter Orlin

Kari Johnson {Knox} from Gimli , Manitoba

Hi, I´m actually looking for any information on the history of Thorleifur Jonsson {Johnson} and his wife Gudney jonsdottir. They were my great grandparents from Skagafjordur in Iceland. Their son, Victor, was my grandfather and was born in Sherwood. If you could help or direct me to someone who has any info, it would be appreciated. Trying to finish up our family tree. Thankyou.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Big crowd today at the International Ovarian Cancer walk. Raised over $53,000 in canada and North Dakota. A big thank you to all who and took part in the walk.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND


Daniel Pritchard from Tempe, AZ

A lovely old house caught my attention; thought it would be nice to summer in a cooler climate.

Orlin Hanson from Sherwood, ND

Watched the Sherwod Pee Wees BB Play Mohall last night. Fantastic watching all those little ones play. Good Job Heather & Garrett Volk as the coachs

Alan Moucha from Sherwood, ND

Who do I contact for information on council meeting minutes?

Hazel Solemsaas (Armstrong) from Minot, nd

Hello Sherwood, good to see many interests in the home town of Sherwodd.

kay cotten from ,

Happy Birthday to the 18th of April birthdays of the 1954 graduating class. Have a great 2009, Kay Cotten (Hansen)

Muriel Cotten(Hansen) from Oakes, ND

Happy 73rd. birthday to Shirley, Merelyn, and Mervin.

Clyde List from Sherwood, OR

Greetings from Sherwood OREGON! It would be fun to start a club for all the people who come from towns named "Sherwood." One of our most important historical figures was from North Dakota: Anthony and Martha Schultz. They built the first drive-in theater in N.D., during the early 1950s.

Glenda Raymond from Topeka, Kansas

Hope all are surviving the winter! Please have the snow all gone by June when I come up there!

Orlin Hansonn from Sherwood, ND

The ground is all white this morning, 2" to 4" last night and still coming down. Badly needed mositure. Orlin

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