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Bruce Hutcheon from Colorado Springs, CO

I am interested in purchasing hunting land and an in town hunting home.Can you have a local aleatory contact me.

Lana (Hurley) Hoggard from Sherwood, Arkansas

Walhalla is where my six brothers and sisters and I were born; our parents made a living for all of us by way of farming. I have enjoyed reading this website, about the many families that were born and raised in Walhalla and still making it their home.

Paul Graveline from Lakeville, Minnesota

I am the son of Bill Graveline and Wanda (Knudson) Graveline who are both from Walhalla. As children my Parents would bring us to Walhalla on weekends and most Holidays. Our Christmas’s were all in Walhalla and Hensel until we reached high school. My parents worked hard to make sure we knew the families of Walhalla and the story’s. They both are so proud of that town. I have so many great memories of my time in Walhalla and still try to make it up there anytime I can. We have generations of Graveline’s buried in the St. Boniface Cemetery and I feel a strong connection to the St. Boniface Catholic Church and the families of the area. We buried my Dad this year (2020), I have a brother and sister, grandparents, uncles and aunts all buried in Walhalla, generations going back hundreds of years. I’m proud of my connection to the area and so thankful for my family. Only in Walhalla could they have produced such perfect parents like mine. The Walhalla connection for me has been a Blessing that is hard to put into words. Such great memories.

Thomas A. (Pinto) Cavalier from Fargo, Nd

Left walhalla in 1963 moved to Wahpeton. Have been back many times to visit my Friend,Ken Tetrault. Love living there as a kid. Trying to find an old Friend, Paul Xavier. If anyone knows where he might be, shot me an email. I would love to talk to him. By the way, miss the elk on lookout point.

Mary Jo (Urlaub) Morrissey from Snohomish, WA

The Walhalla website was really fun to look at and see many familiar sights. Glad to see the WALLA theater has been restored. I went to many Sunday afternoon matinees with my sister Janet.I have been back a few times to visit also. Walhalla was a wonderful town to grow up in.

Greg Huber from St. michael, MN

We had a great time this past weekend in Walhalla! We had never visited in the summer, and we were so impressed by the scenery and beauty of the area! Our round of golf was memorable with the views and great condition of the course - you have a special town!

Mark Uhrich from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I was born in Walhalla , My father was killed at a very young age and is buried in Langdon County.Ive never been back to North Dakota, But hope to some day return and see my family roots and where my father rests


live in walhalla 17 years......father albert brother al sister wilma phone 916 7683961

Carolyn Allard (Engie) from Brooksville, Florida

Just checking in to see what was happening in my home town. Pumpkin Festival sounds great!

Michael Lee from Walhalla, SC

Hello from sister city of Walhalla, SC

Bill Jeter from Mooresville, N.C.

Was just browsing thru the internet and earthcam, when I discovered Cavalier and then clicked on some of the neighboring communities and townships, your country in Northern ND looks beautiful and well maintained. Great job to all in your area.

Cheryl Thibeault from DeRidder, LA

I check the website regularly and look for friends...Rodney B visits regularly....Where is everybody and what are you guys up to? I miss Walhalla and so glad to see that it is still the great place I remember. Hi to Kathy and Michael S. Keeping the EAGLES strong!



Michael Tetrault from Swift Current, Saskatchewan

We are coming there the third week of August to see the land of my grandfather. Look forward to it.

Michael Schugt from The Dalles, Oregon

Your town looks beautiful. Its been on my to do list for a long time to visit. I went to school,in Long Beach Ca.with one of your citizens, Mary J. Chaput.

Peyton Jerome from Walhalla, North Dakota

I love living hear, you are able to hunt, ride snowmobile, four wheeler, dirt bike and all the people hear are real nice and friendly. It is an awesome place to live.

Sheila Urlaub from wildomar, CA

My dad and his family were from there. I spent several summers with relatives when I was a kid. Lots of good memories. My dad is Stanley and my grandfather Leonard. There used to be lots of Urlaubs in the walhalla, concrete, grand forks area. Also related to tetreaus on grandmother side...

Rachael Dalzell-Anderson from Lufkin, Texas

I lived in Walhalla for a little bit of my childhood and then I moved to Texas. My brother and I would come every summer to see our Dad and other family. Then Jake decided to stay. Now I am married and am still living in Texas, I miss my family and friends in Walhalla very much!!! I plan on coming to visit SOON!!! Any one who remembers me or is not sure if they do, fill free to send me an email :) be glad to catch up!!

Chanda klug from Minot, ND

kimmy d from walhalla, nd

i luv this area it is verry prety. i also have many aminals. it is a tourrists ara

Michael Fraser from Walhalla, North Dakota

i like being able to ride dirt bike with my O.H.V. allowing me to enter and exit town freely. The town is nice and quiet and people are mainly friendly.

gage litton from walhalla, N.D

i love it hear.i also live hear

Frank Catcher from Lexington, KY

Neat website thanks for sending me the link! frankcatcher77@yahoo.com


beautiful scenery wish we had had more time to site see

Michael Hornung from Sartell, mn

The ADM this year was fun. Looking forward to seeing all my babies next summer!

Cindy Hansen from Chehalis, wa

Hello Walhalla, nd. I did not live there...but visited many, many times as a child. That was our family vacation place because I have a lot of relatives there....my grandparents are Jim and Josie Dalzell. Their daughter, Leonora, is my mom. I also have relatives in Bathgate and Cavalier and many other cities in N.d. I did get the opportunity to visit there in July of 2009 and enjoyed it very much. This is a great site. Keep it going! Thank you.

Charles Pfeifer from Spokane, WA

Greetings to all who remain who may remember me. I worked for Ev Knudson at the Mountaineer 64-67. Does Rodney Huffman still publish it? I see some family names I still remember in the guest book. Very nice web site. May God continue to Bless you all.

Bill Nelson from Minot, ND

A Hello to ALL the wonderful people in Walhalla. Walhalla was and will always be my home, just no other place like it. Great WEBSITE. Thanks to the people who set it up.

Tricia Thomas from Edmonds, Washington

Am a great greatgrandchild grandchiled of Philomina Martineau and Joseph beauchamp. This is exciting for me am still on the hunt of my roots

Jennifer Haynes from Hebron, KY

Hello & Greetings from Hebron KY! I was intrigued on article written about the history, especially the sad story of the martyrs. I happen to be the 3rd Great Grandaughter of Felix & Marquerite Latrielle. Thanks so much for sharing & it looks like a visit to your beautiful land in long overdue.

Andrea Belanus from Bloomington, MN

I miss it terribly!

Andrea Belanus from Bloomington, ND

Home sweet home!

Kristi Hardy from West Fargo, ND

If you attended high school in Walhalla from 1987 to 1999, join us for a reunion July 2-4! For more details go to www.WalhallaReunion.com!

Diana Griffin from Overton, Texas

I love Walhalla, ND I used to live there and got to enjoy there 150 anv. It was so much fun, the people up there are so nice. I miss you all.

James Diemert from Claxton, G.A.

still the most beautiful area i have seen and miss Home and all the people i grew up and worked with Class of 80

Linda Vigen Kust from Jamestown, ND

What a wonderful sight! I truely enjoyed it! Was back home last summer for a few hours and it was wonderful to see how Walhalla has changed and YET, not so much.......most of my childhood favorite places are still there!!!

amanda karel from grafton, n.d.

Its a great site, interesting to learn about all the history of walhalla.

Madeleine Hamonic from St. Malo, Manitoba

Love Walhala, spent lots of summer days with my Benoit cousins when I was young.

Helen Volk-Schill from Walhalla, ND

Wow! Fantastic website! Good Job!

Dav from ,

Very nice...keep up the good work

Michael Hakmen from Gilbert , AZ

Hey, everyone!!!!!!! Does anyone have any pics of the city of Walhalla ND.. I would like to see what the city looks like. If you could please send me an email with some pics Thanks,

Gilberto Piedra-Marin from Heredia, COSTA RICA

Greetings from Costa Rica, Central America. I used to work for a Walhalla-based company named QMAS Inc., back in 93-94. My daughter Deborah was born at the United Hospital (Grand Forks) while working for QMAS Inc.. I must congratulate you for this web site, it brings me a lot of memories: Pembina River, the gorge, Frost Fire, Youngown Terrace, etc. By the way, can anybody tell me if Daniel de Gavrilac still lives in Walhalla?

John Avery from St Petersburg, Florida

Just visited with my older brother who recently retired from San Francisco and moved to Walhalla. I loved the natural beauty of the area, as well as the interesting history. Walhalla is the gem of the area. I am a supermarket manager. I would consider moving there someday.

Leona Baker from Hustontown, Pennsylvania

I am enjoying my stay at Walhalla. Everyone has been super nice and helpful. You make me feel welcome. Thank You. Leona Baker

greg quimby from lompoc, ca

Great looking part of North Dakota you have. I spent A couple years in Grand Forks while in the USAF in the 70s. Might just give your area A look see for retirement soon. Take care. Greg

Dan Rucker from San Marcos, California

Beautiful land!

Louis Carignan from MT Morris, Mi

Great job on this web site.



barbara paine**{stewart} from spirit lake, ia.

hello walhalla my mother is from walhalla,i remember summers visits in walhalla, oh ya my first sweetheart crush how i miss family and friends, i hope the dairy queen is still there maybe someday i will visit,peace to walhalla**********BARBARA**********

Ashley Hodgson from Tofield, Alberta

OMG, i love this town lol its just sooooooooo awsome lol!!! XD ill ttyl cus imano wht to talk bout next, so yea cya l8ter.. hopefully!! byeeeeeeXX!! ;)

Brian Goulet from Casper, Wyoming

Hey there. Just seeing who is all out there from the class of 77 and would like to chat with some of my former classmates. Laters and take care

don magnus from cashmere, washington

my mothers half of the family is in Washington...my fathers half is in N.D. I grew up on stories from "back home" in N.D. I have only been back a few times but do miss the "other side" of the family. I have some wonderful family that it think often of. I am proud to count the beautiful state of North Dakota as part of my heritage!

Verna Loewen Wiebe from Seminole, Texas

I went to first, second and third grade out there!I will never forget Walhalla!

dawn marie thompson from North bend, Washington

(2/22/09) I will always miss walhalla!!

Dianne Dalzell LaRocque from Lower Coverdale , New Brunswick Canada

40th Class Reunion for 1969 graduates of Walhalla High School. Looking for info on Kelly Woodward, Susan Landry, Corrine Hiebert, Barb Marcotte and Linda Ermer. Please reply to this notice for a reunion being planned for the week of July 4th, 2009. Thanks, Dianne

josh deets from ,

try one more holla out to the great people in walhalla. Class of 96 holla if you get a minute Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all

Nathan Joclynn from Minneapolis, MN

When i came to visit with a friend, my first impression on this town was something straight out of a horror film. " A small town where big city people get kidnapped and are never heard from again" kinda like the hills have eyes. But stop right there, i was totally blown away by the beauty during the the fall season. And how nice the people are. You all deserve the " little town with a big heart" award!!! Thanks!

Zdawg willyums from Grand Forks AFB, ND

well... i thought all was lost in grand forks... with flat landscapes...but when i heard about your lil ski area ( not to shabby by the way) i drove on over, and thought i was in a different state, there are hills and trees. I like the little town, kinda reminds me of a small town called Ritzville in washington state (thats where im from btw. Yall are very polite =D

Darla Hand from Bonner, Montana

Thought I would try to get a responce on my grandmothers side and if lucky maybesomeone has time to help.My grandfather and grandmother farmed in the Numedahl Hills out of Wahalla in 1911.His name was Thomas Carpenter, hers was Clara Elisebeth Keeling. They both had passed away by the time my father was eight.He was born in 1919. My father is still alive at 89.All other siblings have now pasted. But to our dismay we have no pictures of grandma.We are bringing my father back to Wahalla in November, in just over a weeks time.And would love to hear from someone in Wahalla that they have found family with pictures.There are still Carpenters and Keeling in Wahalla I beleive.I am in the process of writinga short story of their life, and struggles of this Wahalla family. Grandpa Thomas was a Mason,and a leader of his community according to the Wahalla Mountainer paper,Please help if you can. Clara Elisabeth(Lizzy)Keeling Carpenters granddaughter, Darla

Darla (Mostad-Carpenter)Hand from Bonner, Montana

My parents and grandparents history runs deep in the history of Wahalla and Vang,my grandparents are buried there, my mothers parents are in Vang cemetary.

Damon Gendron from Anchorage, Alaska

Just surfing the net and found my home town. Hello to everyone in Walhalla from the Last Frontier.

Taylor Danielson from Walhalla, Nd

well i am in school right now so lets make this short it is a small but cool town and chrissy love the comment

June Jensen from Mekinock, ND

Walhalla is so beautiful i am Scottish came to ND in 1991 but when i got to the hills and gorge i felt so at home i did not want to leave it is just like Inveraray my home town

Jenni Richman, City Auditor from Tower City, North Dakota

Hello fellow "Beginning Again North Dakota" pilot community! I am writing from Tower City, North Dakota, the other city to be chosen as a pilot community for the B.A.N.D. program. I just had to check out what Walhalla was like. It looks like a beautiful community to live, work & play in!

Anna Greenwood from Pueblo West, Colorado

Hi, my name is Anna Greenwood. I graduated from Walhalla High School in 1968. I would love to hear from any of my classmates, friends, or relatives. I live in Pueblo West, Colorado and will always miss my hometown.

Cindy Hastings from Kenton, Ohio

I visited Walhalla during the July 4 festivities, the park looks great and it was nice to see so many people out and about. The parade was very nice as were the fireworks, good job Walhalla residents.

DEAN HAWK from cincinatti, ohio

The most beautiful town I was ever in!

boyd herrst tsgt usaf ret. from tecumseh, mi.

Michael Hornung from Sartell, MN

There is noplace like Walhalla! Congrats to the North Border Eagles football team this season. You had a great year. Go get em Eagles Girls and Boy's Basketball & Wrestling teams. As Zeller would say " Those Eagles are fierce!"

shyann dominguez from grandforks, north dakota

Hey I can't wait to go back to walhalla !!!!!! Walhalla Rocks !!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!! Steven,Sadee and Brycen we miss you guys and hope to see u soon and hope to go to Walhalla soon i need to take some action !!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! WALHALLLA ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO EAGLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark James Uhrich from Sioux Falls, Sd

I was born in Walhalla in 1961 my father is buried in Langdon ND SO Im just looking around before i come to visit my birth place in August 2008





Elsie Helene Delisle Fischer from TUCSON, Arizona

I am so glad I happened to find this site. I was born in Walhalla in 1939, Doc and Ida Landry helped me come into this world! My paternal grandparents were George and Maryellen Delisle, Papa ran the "general store" maternal grandparents were Albert and Olive Wagner. I lived in Walhalla until I was about 3 or 4. I always loved going back to visit my grandparents and friends. We lived next door to the Huffmans, "Huffy" was the dentist and Clem was one of my mother's best friends. I remember the Knutsons, he ran the Mountaineer, had a daughter, Sharon who I would visit. Sharons grandparents were the Morin's they had the drugstore. St. Boniface Church and Fr. Longpre. I was fortunate to visit a few years ago, I brought my husband to see where the old homestead was! Walhalla was celebrating its Sesquicentennial, the tears flowed as I visited the church, my grandparents home and the cemetary where the Delisles are buried. What a beautiful town and what great memories, I was so pleased to share them with my husband. My husband died a year ago, July, I remain here in Tucson, Az. where family and friends and church fill my days. Thanks for the opportunity to sign the guest book. Elsie Fischer

Andy Longtine from Appleton, WI

Hello Walhalla! Very nice page, saw a few familiar names from days gone by in the guest book. I still get back a couple times a year, but Wisconsin is treating me pretty well so probably won\'t be moving back. Sure miss the scenery and how the clock just seems to move slower. Big Haloo to the Class of \'95!

DeeCee Nelson Philipp from Minnetrista, MN

Walhalla is an amazingly beautiful place. I am so grateful to have been raised in one of the most lovely natural environments in the world. My childhood was full of many fond memories, including hikes and bike rides down to the Walhalla Park, up to the "Look-Out-Point" and to the Tetrault property just south of town where my mom, Molly had a garden. I loved going on drives with my dad, Dennis, to many of the surrounding areas like Olga, Leroy, and the Newmendahl Hills. The picturesque hills and Pembina river gorge are part of me forever. Blessings to all!

diane ouellette from grand forks, nd


Michael Newbury from Wetwang, East Yorkshire, England

We bumped into your site whilst doing research for a school assignment. You have a great site and we hope that your pumpkin day is a great success. Best wishes The Newbury Family

Don Gibney from Walhalla, ND

Raman Aurora from ,

Great site!! Went through it and found some interesting stuff.I'm not into the same kind of thing but make sure you check out mine

Arden Mathison from Bismarck, ND

Walhalla will always be home no matter where I live. I reminisce by looking at Walhalla on Goggle Earth and read the Mountaineer weekly. Walhalla has a large network of "Ambassadors" in many places. We are proud of you, and you all deserve to be proud of yourselves. Walhalla even looks beautiful from space satellites. See you again soon.

Tony Dyck from Plains, ??????????

I used to go to ur school!!!!

waylon vondal from wallhala, ND

this is my dad's spot this is my spot this is the god's spot this is are land the native's for them whom try will get shot down by are love and forgive us as we forgive them.... love and care all so much on earth love and not lost so much loved above amen love you dad mmmhhhhhaaaaa

John Reimer from Altona, Manitoba

I have fond memories of Walhalla. Growing up 1 mile north of the Canada-USA border my family shopped Walhalla frequently-J C Penny,Supervalue store and others. Walhalla introduced me to Dairy queen and bowling.I enjoyed the park to play horseshoe and played your fine golf course. All the best for the future

ignacio paez from parral, chihuahua, mexico

Kent Amoth from redington beach, FL

Used to live in Walhalla in the 50\'s as a kid



Tammy Herman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I think that Walhalla is a piece of heaven on earth. It is trully the valley of the gods. I would like to visit and perhaps live there someday! Do you know if any land in Walhalla is for sale? Sincerely, Tammy :)

Carol McHugh from Calgary, Alberta

My Auntie Josephine Elizabeth Doran was born in Walhalla in 1906.

Janis Eagan Gustafson from 22841 Knollwood Ln, Pelican Rapids, Mn 56572

Very nice website. Walhalla is truly a special place and it is good to see it promoted.

Mike Kelly from Royal, Iowa

I graduated in 85'. I was the guy from arkansas. I looked around the website and remembered how beautiful it is there. If anyone remembers me, good or bad, please send me an e-mail. Mike

Chris Storey from Waynesville, Missouri

Hey, This is Chris Storey, former Walhalla resident. I now live in Waynesville, Missouri, it's alrite here, but I sure do miss home. I'll be visiting this summer tho' so it's all good. Waynesville looks alot like back home, so it makes homesickness worse sometimes. Haha. I'm in the library at school right now, I'm supposed to be doing homework, but somebody else took the computer my work was saved on. I gotta roll out tho, I miss ya'll and I'll be home soon.

Melanie Thornberg from Walhalla, ND

There's no Fest like the Snow Fest ~~ the Pembina Gorge Snow Fest, that is! And especially since we do have lots of snow this year, Snow Fest will be a great time to enjoy the Great Outdoors! The 2004 Pembina Gorge Snow Fest will be held on Saturday, February 7, from 9 am to 5 pm. Walhalla is the host city this year, so be sure to check out the Walhalla American Legion Hall for great food and refreshments, door prize drawings, raffle drawings, displays and a whole lot more! If you have any questions regarding the 480 miles of groomed trails, snow depths, accommodations, restaurants or anything else, please contact Kim Johnson or Tod Soeby at Soeby Ford (549-3711), the Pembina Hills Trail Riders at pembinahillstrailriders@hotmail.com, or the Walhalla Chamber of Commerce at 549-3939 or walchmbr@utma.com. Hope to see you on Saturday, February 7, in Scenic Walhalla for the 11th Annual Pembina Gorge Snow Fest! Melanie Thornberg, Executive Director Walhalla Area Chamber of Commerce Box 34 Walhalla, North Dakota 58282

Chrissy Wood from Walhalla, ND

Walhalla is pimpin' Walhalla Rocks! Walhalla is the sand in my socks! I love Walhalla, Yes I do!

Gloria Danielson from Lindstrom, MN

There's no place like home.... It's going to be 25 years since graduation. Can you believe it! Nice to see Walhalla on the net.

Carmen Bahr from Wahpeton, ND

I've heard through the grapevine that the Knephla soup served at the Highway 32 Diner is the finest in all the land.

shyann dominguez from cavalier, nd

walhalla rocks wow Ilustu live in walhalla

John Hvidsten from Sunburst, Mongtan

Your site brought back a lot of nice memories. Enjoyed my time of 5 years in your community.

Dwight Schwartz from Brainerd, MN

Anyone have any family history info of Schwartz, Dumas,Kalis,Reinhart,or Morin?

monte nelson from warrensburg, MO

Will always carry with me the fond memories of my short but memorable stay in your fair city, hello to all old friends and long live the "EAGLES" Monte/Donna


What up class of 96. Lane C, Jared Berg, Jason "peewee" berg , Tera D. holla if you get a chance

Marshall Bennett from Walhalla, SC

Ahh there's another Walhalla.

deion dominguez from cavalier, nd

hey wahalla rocks !!! wow my mom grew up there if you know misty email me


I am an Eagle fan of Walhalla High and there is nothing more exciting than returning to the days of your home town.They say you can never go ack to your roots; that may be true. However, all of them roots we left are now taking care of Walhalla and the surrounding area and doing an excellent job. I graduated in '78, left for the Army for 20 yrs and am still doing law enforcement. Always doing the right thing. Walhalla was a great place to learn that. Take care peeps of Walhalla. Good luck to all the athletes of the North Border Eagles.

Jennifer from , Goethals from Titpon, IA

Art Knight from New Market, Minnesota

I spent many summers in Walhalla as a child visiting my Grandfather, Art Gastonguay. He was the depot agent there for many years. If anyone has any pictures of the old Great Northern Depot in Walhalla or of Art Gastonguay, my family and I would love to see them!

Vicki Hanson from ,

I moved from Walholla in 1976 at the age of 10 and was going into 5th grade. Are there any of my classmates that remember me out there? Great Site!

deirdre lee from minneapolis, mn

This is a nice site, with many lovely pictures. I will be moving to Walhalla soon and have directed several of my friends to this site (I continually hear "you're moving where? and why?) after they view the beauty of the area, from some of the pic's, it seems to make more sense to them. Now I hear "when can we come and visit you?" We just need to get the word out on what a unique and natural GEM it really is.

Tyler Anderson from Cedar Rapids, IA

Good Luck Mike!

Rodney Bjornstad from La Crosse, WI

Greetings from Wisconsin.

Peter DeNault from mandan, ND

well its been a while since i have been home the one thing i miss about Walhalla is the ppl an that nothing changes. I guess u can say if there was one place in the country i would want to live it would be there but as everyone that has ever lived there knows that good jobs there are hard to find if u know of any please let me know i have had a major list of jobs in the past alot to do with computers hey who knows maybe i can start my own computer store there but any way if anyone remebers me an wishs to talk u can reach me at cool_beans_guy@hotmail.com or u can call 701-667-6230 i am currently liveing in mandan but hay there is never any place like home as u all know an Walhalla will always be my home thank you. for everything

Jim Gapp from Burnsville, MN

Nice to be able to send people to your website from this area. Most people don't know about Walhalla and it's beauty. I was lucky to be a part of it.


I'm tring to locate any Ducioame's in N.D.My father is Ellery Ducioame.

G M from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nice site. Skiing in Walhalla is a load of fun.

D R from Portland, OR

Nice website! I see a lot of questions on this list. Try your local library, they'll help you find the answers!

shyann dominguez from cavalier, nd

this is you know who it is its misty angel

april stilwell from chandler, az

hola class of 98....

Jerry Carignan from Anderson, IN

Always nice to see things about Walhalla. I am an "Eagle" of 1965. Would love to hear from anyone of that long ago era! Keep up the good work on the website.

steven wirth from mission bc, canada

could you tell me if my grand mother ( Irene Vivier ) was born on your Reserve ? i am trying to find my roots any help would be nice and thanks

Gary Johnson from Gilbert, Arizona

I remember this area from Boy Scouts.There was a big storm and the fine people from Walhalla took us all in and cared for us. Thanks Again.

Jessica from , Reidhammer from Walhalla, ND

I'm originally from Cavalier. But I've lived in Walhalla for 5 years now and I'll probably live here forever. It's very beautiful here. I love going for rides through the hills in the fall. All the trees turning colors. It's just breath taking. Hope everyone takes the time to visit here. It's definately worth it.

michele ducioame from colton, california

Does anyone know any ducioame's that live in n.dakota

shyann dominguez from cavalier, nd

walhalla rocks wow Ilustu live in walhalla

Josh Deets from , wyoming

Hey looking to find Jodi Johnson?(Since been married) Used to run around with you in HS. Dad was stationed there. If you remember email me deetsjg@hotmail.com. Love to here from you. Hope all is well else where. Holla

Denise Dumas from Hay River, NWT - Canada

My dad was born in Walhalla, ND in 1912. I believe he left there at a really young age. I think his fathers name was Adlore Dumas and his mother was Clara (nee Graveline). They moved to Manitoba. If there are any relatives, drop me a note. I heard someone was working on the Dumas family tree.

Scott Anderson from Fargo, ND

Give it up for Connie B. & Angela K.

Rodney Bjornstad from La Crosse, WI

Bravo! Well done on your web page. I was very impressed with the history, the pictures, and the description of the local labor and work ethic. As I cruise your site I become painfully aware of how short we are in a greater community of 100,000 are in some departments - indvidual self honesty I suppose. Anyway, keep up the good work. as ever, Rodney Bjornstad

Joshua Deets from Cheyenne, WY

Still looking for people. Let us know what is going on in walhalla

Marcell Menier from Tustin, California

Just found this site. enjoyed it very much. I was raised in Walhalla from 1924 to 1942. Sure brings back some memories.Any old timers out there from my era?

Bob Graveline from Bismarck, North Dakota

Great website! Great Town! Great People!

Jim Clark from Guangzhou, P.R. China

Very informative website...a great job! I am surprised though that there was no mention of it being the home town of Leland "Gordon" Laidlaw. Hope to see everyone at the end of July 2006

Joshua Deets from Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hey used to live there way back when. Left in 93 when my dad got orders. If you remember me or my brother and sister Zach and Darcey Holla at us when you get a chance.

Sara Young from ,

Great website... a45cd103b3004@yahoo.com

Darcy Thomas from Mondovi, WI

Love the website- definately want to visit this area soon.

Tina Vandersteen from Winnipeg, Manitoba / Canada

I enjoyed exploring your site & appreciate the valuable information on this site. My family & I are off to the LeTexier family reunion tomorrow and even though we know it is in Walhalla it really helps to know exactly where it is being held. Paper just disappears in our household. We also prefer the information highway, so to whom ever takes care of this website thank you so much. Keep up the great work. Thank you for registering this information Janet LeTexier, looking forward to meeting you. We can't wait to arrive in Walhalla.

Tom (pinto) Cavalier from Fargo, N.D.

Born in Walhalla, wanna say hi to Kenny Tetrault and family. Been a while since I've visited there but just might come this summer (05). Hi the all the past "Walhalla Eagles" family. See you this summer hopefully.

Alex Crocket from Havelock North, New Zealand

in 1923-24 my father Robert Crocket was a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Walhalla. I recall Walhalla from as a very small boy - its snow, its wheat elevators, and what I now take to be the spring thaw on the Pembina River when the ice broke, scarying me at night. I trust I am right in that. I was delighted to find this website and at 85 years of age learn more about this place. I wonder if there is a Presbyterian Church on a corner still, with its Manse along side? Because in those days there were no fences around that church complex, I have tried not to have fences around the various homes I have had here on the rim of the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand. Alex Crocket

Ken DeRose from Pendleton, Oregon

Has anyone heard from Everette Bailly ? I'm wondering if he made it through the recent storm you had. My father is his first cousin. Thank you !! Ken DeRose

leslie titchkosky from morden, manitoba canada

Tanner Beauchamp from West Fargo, North Dakota

hope everyone made it safely through this storm that just went through. i wish i could go help. whoever made this web page did a wonderful job

jamie cook from little rock, arkansas

my grand-father is/was vernon hurley he left walhalla nd, in the late 1940's or early 1950's i have no(t much) real knowledge of he or of his past tho' a few wee sparkles and glints from my little years gimmie the scoop or a bit, if you could or would, 't'd be kind thank you

Jerry Polanco from Tampa, FL

looking to move some where quite with my 4 children, would appreciate some assistance, I believe I have found my dream. rolling mountains with water everywhere.

Barbara Belanus-Klein from Las Vegas, Nevada

Walhalla will always be home to me. There is no place like it and the people can not be matched. My compliments on a terrific website.

chantelle gapp tierney vondal from walhalla, ND

hey walhalla! we just wanted to say hi.....""hi"

juan reyeros from miami, fl

Carrie Pitcher from Grand Forks, ND

Hey!! I graduated from Walhalla High School in 2004...I miss Walhalla alot, and I visit quite a bit. Walhalla is an awesome place to live and grow up! Anyone who hasn't visited Walhalla, definitely should make an effort to do so. It's worth the trip! Does anyone know if there is an all-class reunion coming up anytime soon? E-mail me if you have any information on this.

zach deets from columbus, oh

whats up to all the big folk of walhalla, nd. Went to school for a couple years before my dad got transfered. Big shout out to the class of 97!! If anybody from this time frame is around or remembers me give me a shout!!!

Laurie (Hoffarth) Hunsaker from Thompson, ND

Hey whats up? I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Walhalla has any sort of a class reunion planned for this summer. I went to school in Walhalla and moved away when I was a freshman. It was the class of 85 and it will be 20 years this year. I thought it would be fun to go and see everyone from my class.So if you have any info please email me.Thanks By the way the site is great and even though I don't make it back to Walhalla often it is great to still see how beautiful it is there.

Elena Andersen from Fargo, ND

hey yuz guyz!

Jason Burt from Byron, MN

Beautiful area!!

cindy hastings from kenton, ohio

Nice site, beautiful community.

Dianne Pearson from Buxton, ND

I was in awe as I looked at the Walhalla site. You definitely should be commended on a excellent job!! You have shown the true beauty of your city. As a 1978 graduate I love the times that we get to go home and visit my parents. I hope that my children will learn to love the Pembina hills as we did growing up. We are planning on going on the annual trailride this fall. Once again congratulations on a excellent site.

Shannon Heck from Walhalla, ND

Hey waz up Walhalla. Well im in skool right now but i just decieded to see how every one is doin in walhalla. Well some ppl might remember me from volleyball but unfortunaly i had to move to Grafton. I like it over here but i kinda miss u guys. Well i g2g hope to see u guys soon. Luv, Mayra Ramirez

Mayra Ramirez from Grafton, ND

Hey waz up Walhalla. Well im in skool right now but i just decieded to see how every one is doin in walhalla. Well some ppl might remember me from volleyball but unfortunaly i had to move to Grafton. I like it over here but i kinda miss u guys. Well i g2g hope to see u guys soon. Luv, Mayra Ramirez

Carol Hornung from Eagan, MN

My husband was from Walhalla, would love to have a surprise get together for Tom if there's anyone close by or if any body remembers him. Francis & Mildred were his parents. If there ever is a reunion in Walhalla let me know. Tom graduated in '71. Hope to hear from anyone.

Mark & Annebeth from Zwolle, the Netherlands, Overijssel

we just want you to say that we find your site very interesting! fot us dutch people it is hard to understand something like a real walhalla excist in such a nice city. we hope we will soon come back to your wonderfull town! greets from Zwolle, the Netherlands. hope to meet you in our city in our most wanted festivity 'the Bierweek' (= beer week, see: www.bierweek.nl)

Tierney Vondal from Walhalla, ND

Hey, I just wanted to say how great Walhalla is. It is a beautiful place, and i think everyone should come and see for themself. Everyone who lives here is so nice to. Come on up!!!

Kristie (Cook) Rousseau from Federal Way, Washington

Grew up in Walhalla and miss all the friends and family that live there. Great Pictures! No matter how far away you move there's no place like home. Hi to all:)

jo anne jilliane from grand forks, nd

i think walhalla should expand and get bigger, it has alot of potential, but it just doesn't cut it w the size. There are alot of things to do there, (nature activities, etc.), Gov. Hoeven is trying to now get more sighs going up there. More tourists should start coming in. Keep it up, and have fun in the hills~ they are gorgeous!!

Matt O from Mekinock, North Dakota

Want to go here will some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jameson Blanchette from Moorhead, Minnesota

Hey Ive met alot of way cool guys from Walhalla. They are so great!! So I had to see this website. AWESOME man!! Walhalla RULES!!!

Rachel Johnson from , MN

Nice area, I wish my family was still alive to see it.

Carmen Alexander from Wishek, ND

Walhalla is a really nice place, it prooves ND isn't all FLAT like we all presume. Nice, keep up the beautification there!

Kathy Stremick from Walhalla, ND

This web site is the official web site for the City of Walhalla. Some of the recent e-mails concerning issues at the school and improper community comments should be addressed to the school office or to the Walhalla Mountaineer "letter to the editor", this site is not for debating issues,we have many visitors (hits) to the Walhalla site and many visitors would not understand the comments. The Walhalla Mountaineer will not print a "Letter to the Editor" unless it is signed as e-mails also should be, and I will delete the e-mails that are controversial.

Kelly McGregor from Bismarck, ND

Left Walhalla after the 8th grade, graduated in 1995 and would love to hear from old classmates.

Dan Batterberry from Issaquah, WA

My Mother was born in Walhalla, North Dakota, in 1915. Her maiden name was Blanche Blondin. I guess nobody would remember that name now.

John Opheim from Burt, Iowa

I was a Walhalla Police Officer from 1972-1974 during Leon Dubourt's term as mayor. I knew Gale Watts, Allard Lafferty, Glenn Wells, to name a few.

Claudia Ivey from Ferndale, Michigan

I was sent here by a friend that says she grew up here, after looking at this web site I say she was very lucky to be raised in such a beautiful and so peaceful looking area. I was raised in the city, your city looks like a place made by GOD for someone like me that would love to go to get a good break in. God is such a super great Artist isn't he. Thank you for putting your pictures up, they are very inviting. If I can some day I would just love to come visit, I need to get a way sometime. I am going to show this to my husband.

Jeanne (Clifford) Nybo from Grafton, ND

Grew up in Walhalla, Parents are Kathy & Louis Clifford. Grandparents are Joseph & Eva Clifford. My Fathers sisters still reside in Walhalla, Lucy Fitzsimonds and Corrine Hoff. My Mother owned and operated "The Family Cafe"

Chad Carpenter from Superior, WI

Hello to all my friends and family. See ya soon.

Donna Binder from Bismarck, ND

Plan on coming up to the frost fire Theater, this month. A very beautiful area.

Chantelle Gapp from Walhalla, ND

HEY! Honestly- walhalla is a kick-butt town to live in! if anyone remembers me- email me! Megan- i ermember you too!

patrick lorenz from castine, me

Great to find the website of the wonderful town I grew up in. Graduated in '64, and get home once in a while, but not often enough. Best to all Walhallans.

Jenna Benjaminson from Walhalla, ND

I love this town!!!!!

Jessica Brown from Walhalla, ND

This town rocks hard!!!!!

Stephanie Honrung from Walhalla, ND

Walhalla is a very beatuiful Place, and a great place to live. The web site is awesome. Its good to see the nice things other that visited walhalla said. Whats up everybody!!! Stephanie

Paul Axelson from Dassel, MN

I learned to ski in your great commmunity! Frostfire mountain-AWESOME! That was 35 years ago I'm really getting old! I grew up at Hallock MN. Two of my teachers at Hallock I believe were from Walhalla. Pat Hornung was our English teacher and Bill Brown our band director. Bill was an avid snowmobiler, he road a Ski-doo that would really fly! As a kid I'd attend the stock car races in Hallock on Saturday nights. There was a late model driver from Walhalla, I believe his name is Rich Tessmer, he could really tear it up! He had some great battles with Duane Anderson and Nick Ludowese and almost always it was the Karel Sales #26 Camero finishing first in the feature! You people have a great community! Great Snowmobiling! Great Skiing! God Bless!

Carmen Bahr from Wahpeton, ND

I've heard through the grapevine that the Knephla soup served at the Highway 32 Diner is the finest in all the land.

William Pepperton from Tacoma, WA

It was a delightful surprise when I a took a wrong turn and ended up in Walhalla. The residents of the community were so friendly and helpful. I remember one paricular resident, I believe his name was Kenneth Stegman, was extremely wise and cheerful. If your great town is ever in need of a mayor, I dare say that he would make a fine one.

Peter A from grand forks, nd

Hello there folks!

Twyla Devine from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Walhalla community needs to be commended for this great website. Thanks Wanda for great business at Nature's Nook, your florals are just fantastic!

Megan McGlothlin from , ND from ,

i wanna say hi to Mitchel soecy Jay T. Sammy And others love you all email me

Adam from , Dearinger from Hinesville, GA

I left Walhalla about about 5 years ago I am glad i got out of there now, because i have a good life!! I miss Walhalla for all the little things that are there the hills for going out in the trucks muddin,and hangin with all my friends not having to worry about anything. Walhalla is a beautiful place for anyone, just not for me! I on the other hand am in the ARMY and I am traveling the world and the 7 seas Ive been to WAR and it was an experience you dont want to do!! I know I will be there again soon, the things i will do for my country, but I am proud of it. I will still visit the little town as much as i can because all of my family are still there, and i miss them much. Maybe I will see you there sometime. (Roger Out)

Gloria Danielson from Lindstrom, MN

There's no place like home.... It's going to be 25 years since graduation. Can you believe it! Nice to see Walhalla on the net.

Jodi Speicher (Danielson) from Sauk Rapids, MN

Great web site! Even though we move away, Walhalla will always be home to us. It's the most beautiful spot in ND!

Darla Jerome from Walhalla, ND

Lived here all my life, and will for the rest of it

Mayra Ramirez from Pembina, ND


bianca ramirez(NOT RELATED TO MAYRA RAMIREZ!) from pembina, ND

waz ^ Walhalla?!

Mayra Ramirez from Pembina, ND

Hey, waz up Walhalla. I love going and visiting Walhalla. I have alot of friends over there, too. I also go to Frost Fire with my friends and we hang out there. And also when you are over there the view is so beautiful. Love Always, Mayra Ramirez P.S. I want to say "HI" to Chris S.,Corey H.,and all of my other friends. Hope to see u guys soon!?

mack howard from madison, south dakota

hey wallhalla is a really good place to ride sleds it has a bunch of great trails i have family that loves there they are terry and sue boyer i bet a lot of you know them and brad just though i would say hi to all the people up in north dakota hey shelly debohrs brother thatnx for pulling us Out Ha ha

asaba owerri from aba, lagos

i love this page

Chrissy Wood from Walhalla, ND

Walhalla is pimpin' Walhalla Rocks! Walhalla is the sand in my socks! I love Walhalla, Yes I do!

Melanie Thornberg from Walhalla, North Dakota

There's no Fest like the Snow Fest ~~ the Pembina Gorge Snow Fest, that is! And especially since we do have lots of snow this year, Snow Fest will be a great time to enjoy the Great Outdoors! The 2004 Pembina Gorge Snow Fest will be held on Saturday, February 7, from 9 am to 5 pm. Walhalla is the host city this year, so be sure to check out the Walhalla American Legion Hall for great food and refreshments, door prize drawings, raffle drawings, displays and a whole lot more! If you have any questions regarding the 480 miles of groomed trails, snow depths, accommodations, restaurants or anything else, please contact Kim Johnson or Tod Soeby at Soeby Ford (549-3711), the Pembina Hills Trail Riders at pembinahillstrailriders@hotmail.com, or the Walhalla Chamber of Commerce at 549-3939 or walchmbr@utma.com. Hope to see you on Saturday, February 7, in Scenic Walhalla for the 11th Annual Pembina Gorge Snow Fest! Melanie Thornberg, Executive Director Walhalla Area Chamber of Commerce Box 34 Walhalla, North Dakota 58282

Katie Simon from Brookings, SD from ,

I used to live in Walhalla when i was little. When i saw the pictures i remembered how beautiful it is there. :)

Tracy Baldwin from Biggar, Saskatchewan

I'm doing research on my family tree. I'm wondering if anyone knows where Neche is? My Great Great Grandfather was born there and i want to learn more if anyone knows how i can find out if he was buried in Neche let me know!

Kim Braget-Mojica from Orlando, FL

Hello to all! I thought I had signed this thing a long time ago, but maybe not. I was looking though the sign-ins and found it interesting to think about people I have long since forgotten about, whether they were classmates or older or younger, 24 years since graduating (1980) makes one's memory suspect. I have been in the Orlando area for nearly 10 years working as a police officer and prior to that I lived in Fargo for over 13. I don't miss the cold of North Dakota at all, but do miss the beauty and peace of little Walhalla. People look at me funny down here when I say I am from North Dakota, as if it is some foreign country (many are geographically and educationally-challenged in this part of the country, thank God for the great education system of the Midwest). However, now I wouldn't trade in the sun and fun of Florida for anything! Hoping to make it home to see my aunt and uncle, Joanne and Richard Braget, sometime this summer, as well as my favorite cousin and trouble-maker, Renetta in Grand Forks. My cousins, Dana and Ross Goulet drop in on me occassionally on their way across the nation, and it is nice to "catch up" on the happenings back home. I will have to wait for some warmer weather, we "Floridians" are pretty spoiled when it comes to the cold! Would love one day to bring my 5 kids (aged 21-13) to the lovely, quiet place I grew up raised by my wonderful, late grandparents, Ray and Ethel. They were the angels in my life who gave me a fighting chance to make something of myself. Hello to all still there, all friends who have moved on, and drop an email to me anytime! (A warm hug for my sisters, Kathy in SD and Karie in Omaha!)

Kenneth Morin from Flushing, MI

My Grandfather and Grandmother, Jule and Iva Morin, came to Flushing, MI from Walhalla in the early '30 I believe to find work from General Motors in Flint, MI. The oldest son, Kenneth Jules Morin, my uncle, was born in a barn in Walhalla. I would be glad to hear from anybody! Thanks. Ken

Margaret (Susan) Landry from Minneapolis, MN

It took a while to find this site, but it was worth the effort. Walhalla was a great place to grow up and go to school. Graduated '69. It continues to amaze me how little common sense a lot of city people have... Minneapolis isn't so bad that way since lots of Minneapolitans come from small towns. For those who knew my parents, Jack Landry (son of Dr. Louis and Ida [Campbell] Landry) and Dorothy [Royce] Landry, they have passed on (Jack 2-2-2002, Dorothy 11-2-2001). I hope to visit Walhalla this spring, plant a few flowers at my grandparents' graves, and if anyone is interested, perhaps have a small get-together in honor of my parents. If you're interested, please let me know.



sherri hayes from sedan, 67361

my son aaron scott thomas was killed in walhalla on aug. 28 2003 if anyone can tell me what happened, about the vehicle accident please contact me at sharons@hit.net

Ashley Huether from Fargo/ Hettinger, ND

hehe wow i found this page while looking for a nd map. i know someone from walhalla in the 8th grade im now a junior in high school, he is one of the nicest, sweetest, cutest guys ever. so ladies if u get ur hands on him treat him well.

Mike Iburg from Clear Lake, MN

Thanks for all the info.,Melanie I hope we can talk in the future and possibly do some business together. I did enjoy your web site and hope to hear from you or Gene. Once again thank you: MIKE

Sherry Stark from Walhalla, North Dakota

Walhalla is an awesome place! I love it! You have to come and see it. There is alot of things to do. You woudn't think you could have that much fun in a small tomn. WELL YOU CAN!!!!!!!

Ellie Bjornstad from walhalla, ND

HEY DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!! WALHALLA ROCKS!!!!!!!!! LIKE TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!

Kristie Dearinger from Walhalla, North Dakota

Our area is the most beautiful part of the state and anyone who writes otherwise in world atlases will recieve a well worded letter of complaint!

Nikki Storey from Walhalla, ND

Walhalla is beautiful, i love to take trails...but we need more stuff for this town, we need more things to do! This town seems to get smaller and smaller, we need to get bigger and bigger!

Teresa Stanton from Walhalla, North Dalotal

i think walhalla is most beatuiful place to live this is my last year and i think that it will be more beatuiful in 10 years than now.

Breanna Dalzell from Blaine, MN

Fun site about Walhalla! My grandparents live ther and both of my parents grew up there. It's a neat little town! Hope to go visit sometime soon!

Konnie FBI from Ney York, NY

This is a good way to support such a small, growing community! Way to go, "Walhalla", we applaude you!

Tania McKay (Brown) from Walhalla, ND

Hi! Class of 1994 Hope to see all of you in 2004 for our 10 year Reunion!!

Jeff Danielson from Poughkeepsie, NY

It was nice to come accross this website and remind me of home. 14 years in New York, but Walhalla is the place I still talk to everyone about.

Ethel Kukuk from Federal Way, Washington

Hi Folks, My maiden name is Urlaub. I graduated from Walhalla high school in 1964. We go back to vist friends and relatives at least every other year. Always enjoy. Hope to hear from you if you were a classmate when I went to school there or are a friend or relative.

Karie (Braget) Sloup from Omaha, Nebraska

Just wanted to say "hi" once again to all my family and also to my high school classmates from the Class of 1983! Our 20th reunion was excellent! It was great to see all of my friends and family again and to catch up on everyone's life! Funny how you forget how relaxing Walhalla is...and how personable everyone is - nice to get away from the big city life and just relax! Makes it nice to come home and visit! Still the great small town I grew up in! Good to know some things never change :) Keep up the good work, Walhalla!

Bonnie Soli from Walhalla, ND

I graduated in 1995. (Bonnie Kalis). It's great to see Walhalla on the web. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place to live and a wonderful place to raise a family. I'd love to hear from any old friends!!

Megan McGlothlin from ,

Hi guys. I miss you all. I really do hope to see you soon.

Ken from , Braget from Huntsville, Alabama

Hope to visit soon - I graduated WHS in 1960, would like to hear from classmates and friends.

Jake Dalzell from walhalla, nd

Molly from , Hardy from Walhalla, North Dakota

Very cool site! I loved looking at all the imformation! Walhalla is an great place!

Jerry Ermer from Prairieville, Louisiana

Hello to old friends (class of 67) plus or minus a couple of years....been to long... drop a line when you get bored...or not.. Great web site....keep it up!!!!

John Ermer from Fargo, ND

Excellent web site!



Steve Bugay from Lakewood, CO



Karl and Diane Erickson from Billings, mt

Came to this site by accident. We are distant relatives of Antoine Gringas so really enjoyed seeing the photo of the historic site. We were in Wallhalla 2 Yrs. ago for our beloved nephew funeral Markie Erickson. We didn't get to see the site when there so this is a great site to revisit. Wallhalla is a very nice town filled with great people. Thank you Karl and Diane 5/13/03

Odin Viking from the true , from Walhalla, Northland

come and see the true Walhalla - You wont regret it

Robert Denniston from Victoria, B.C Canada

Looking for info on my relatives in the area 7.George Joseph Lambert b: March 15, 1851( baptised at Walhalla by Albert Lacombe March 15, 1851/census 1871

Soo Livingston-Asheim from Moorhead, Minnesota

anyone know about a 30 year reunion for class of 73'? please contact me if so. Thank you Soo

Carey & Mavis Hutchison from San Antonio, TX

Just want to say hi to everyone back home!!!

Heather Boll from Hankinson, ND

Nice website. Don't get back there very often always nice to see a little bit of what I used to call home. Hi to very one and for those of you might not know Boll I used to be Nygaard

Shannon Johnson from Cooperstown, North Dakota

Joan Palmer from Bethesda, MD

My mother, Helen St. Amour Palmer was born in Walhalla on June 12, 1906 in her grandparents home. They were Nelson adn Maude Burley. He was the town pharmacist. I have a picture of the house with my mother at 2 and her grandmother and her mother Annie St. Amour She just died January 24, 2003 in Brewster MA. Joan Palmer

Flora Mac from Eagle Bend, Minnesota

Hello Walhalla. I was looking for something else in North Dakota but when I saw the name Walhalla I had to stop and take a look since it reminded me of an old boss of mine. Or, I should say, a boss I had a long time ago. I remember when he first came to work and was introduced and said he was from Walhalla. Someone said, "Oh, Washington state." And he said, "No, that would be Walla Walla. I'm from Walhalla." And I thought to myself, "Good grief, he thinks he's a god." And I asked, "You mean that Norwegian heaven?" And he said, a little testily, "No, that would be VALHALLA. I'm from Walhalla. In North Dakota. Pembina county. Upper northeast corner." Well, when I got home I checked my North Dakota map and sure enough, there it was, Walhalla. As a boss he turned out to be a pretty good fellow. I remember he liked a few Waylon tunes, a little Tanqueray and Walhalla. Doubt if he'd remember me as we all moved on to other things. I traded St Paul for Eagle Bend and Tom T Hall for Leonard Cohen. Like I said, it was a long time ago.

Anne Arthur from MPLS, MN

Hello everyone, please note up to date email address.

Wanda Carlock from Walhalla, ND

After graduating from Langdon in 1980 and being a native of this area I am now back as the new owner of Nature's Best Flowers and Greenhouse in Walhalla. I'm glad to be back in this beautiful place. After living in different places in the country,there's no place like this. You should all be proud of the area you have here, where people still care for one another and you feel the sense of security that wraps around you knowing you can trust your neighbors. You have a gold mine here Walhalla, so much possibility for the future. We as a community have to work towards making Walhalla a place to come to, not only for business, but for enjoyment, as well as a place to raise a family. We can make Walhalla a place for everyone to come and share in the beauty of what we call home. We need to support the local businesses and also welcome any and all new businesses that would like to become a part of this community. My family is glad to be here and we hope we can help make a difference in Walhalla and our beautiful Pembina Gorge area. Be proud of who you are and where you came from,I know I am.

April Stilwell from phoenix, az

great photography skills, hi to anyone who remembers me or cuts across my grand parents lawn (herb and pat bodensteiner), don't forget vang-olga-and -leroy, go avalanche!

Tom Myers from Beach City, OH

From the little I know about your area, it looks like a place I would enjoy. I'm a fan of colder winters than my home state of Ohio provides. I'm a Spanish teacher and hold a master's degree in counseling. Doe anybody have any leads for a job near Walhalla in late 2003 or in 2004?

Jack from , Lorenz from Fergus Falls, MN

We moved from Walhalla in 2001 due to job changes after living and working there for 22 years from 1979 to 2001. There is no place any prettier than Walhalla. We will be back!!!

Gene Kuhn from Portland, Oregon

thank you

Keith Engie from Chetopa, Kansas

Great site.Left and haven't been back in 25 years. nice to see everything about the same.

Teirney Dunnigan from Minneapolis, MN

Even though I'm not all that far away, it's still nice to log on once-in-awhile and see a part of home. I still love to visit to see my parents (Robert and Virginia), my grandmother (Ethyl Jonstone) and some of the wonderful friends I left behind when I moved. Walhalla holds a special place in my heart and will always be home.

Sarah from , Watts from Mankato, MN

My mother, Frances Watts (maiden name Lawson), was from Walhalla. I've only been there once and that was many years ago, so I don't remember it well. I'm living in Grand Forks while I attend UND Law School, so I'll have to drive up to Walhalla for a visit. I'll have to say, Walhalla is certainly much more beautiful than the part of ND where I'm currently living.

nadine hiebert from Emerado, North Dakota

hey just viewing the web site so i decided to sign the guest book

Del Smith from Beavercreek, OH

Hi to friends in Walhalla, We try and visit Walhalla at least once a year. Very scenic and pleasant area to spend some time. Class of 56

Jason "PeeWee" Berg from Walhalla, ND

Someone call me every sunday morning to get me up for church!!! I gotta get on that usher list too, can someone help me out????

frank schill from williston, nd

man what a beutiful place up there.

Arlene LaPorte from Walhalla, N.D

I went to scool in walhalla for my High School Years And I graduated (63). and still live West of town on the Archie Russle home stead; and love the guest book, found lot of people I knew. so it is real cool and very good job,

Sean Hagan from walhalla, ND

Doni Zeller from minot, nd

The Moose Capital of ND

chan johnson from flint, mi

What up i lived in walhall for about 19 years. I really miss the place mis the people.I vist when ever i can.ILL be visting my parents real soon.Hope to see some old friends.

John Xavier from Minnapolis, MN

Walhalla has a very good website. Most of all, Walhalla has some of the kindest and most generous people one could imagine. Our family lived in Walhalla from 1956-1966, and it has always been our sentimental home. Thanks for all the wonderful times, especially band trips for WHS.

Eric Thorlacius from Shakopee, MN

The pictures provide me with fond memories of growing up, the names of: Doug, Tom, Paul, Pat, Kieth, Frank, Steve, Dean, Earl, Danny..... wow so many faces go through my mind, I am guessing we all look older now... I would have graduated from WHS in 74 but my folks moved in 72, have only been back a couple times since then. Looking forward to making the trip again someday.

Kaitlyn McCarroll from South Setauket, Ny

I am the granddaughter of Lewis Lyle Airth of Wahalla, North Dakota and Geraldine Airth(Lenzner)of Hicksville, New York. Even though we live in New York we go to Wahalla almost ever chance we get. Wahalla is a beautiful town with nice people. I am looking foward to spending much more time there!

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